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Electronics and today’s society.

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INTRODUCTION: When human start to use electricity, electronics is an important role in today's society. In this project I am trying to find out how electronics systems affect human life over time and what the future of them is. First of all I will look at four electronic systems briefly how four types of electronic systems have affected society in different ways. Television and leisure: In the 20th century, televisions became more popular and popular in the world. And it is a main form of recreation now. Television aerials receive the information as UHF waves from the television stations or satellites as radio waves by transmitting aerial and then transfer all these to sound waves and produce sound on the speaker. The information as UHF waves is also transferred and display on the screen by a lot of pixels which are released by the electron gun of a cathode ray tube (See diagram below) ...read more.


Such as some chemical industries, they often have highly combustible materials. Alarm consists of a heat sensor, which is an n.t.c types thermistor (normally) a transistor and an alarm. When light the fire the resistances of LDR decrease and the alarm switch on as transistor switch on. Positive: It can save a lot of lives and reduce the loss by the fire. It's an extensive application product. Negative: Fire alarm is a sensitive system. Sometimes the alarm switches on just only some smoke go through it. So it can make a panic and reduce the confidence in people. Environmental effect: Combustion reactions produce large amount of CO2 which absorb long wavelength radiation emitted for the Earth's surface, the average temperature of the Earth increases. This is what we call greenhouse effect. Calculator and shops/offices: Scientists use the transducer that change electrical energy into light and used as numerical indicators in calculator. ...read more.


As the same theory when you call somebody, the mobile phone transfers your sound to special signals and sends these signals to the satellites. Positive effect: Information can be communicated quickly by using mobile phone. It saves lots of time, which can make people to do other things. Because its mini size, people can carry it easily and gives us a lot of conveniences. Negative effect: The information transport by electric wave. So it produced radiation around the mobile phone. The tissues of human's brain can be damage by the radiation. The health of users can be influenced seriously and we cannot under-estimation this influence. Economic effect: High communicate speed can induce high efficiency which means the people in business can have higher productivity and reduce the average total costs for the business. Social effect: People communicate very well by using mobile phones and improve the relationship between everybody. So our society becomes more friendly and peaceful. ...read more.

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