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Employers relations

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Unit 16 Employer and Employee Relations I work for the Leicester Chamber of Commerce and have been asked to undertake a four part piece of case study research of Employer and Employees Relations. I have to consider the importance of good employee/ employer relations in a business organisation. I have to investigate the rights and responsibilities of both employee and employer and the methods used to gain employee co-operation. I will highlight the fact that legislation and EU directives play a major role in employee relations and identify how these are applied within an organisation of my choice. The success of a business is often reliant on relationships with employees. This research will give me the opportunity to investigate and report on working relationships, how negotiations take place, how disputes are avoided or resolved and how employee potential can be developed to the benefit of the individual and the organisation. Task One Rights and responsibilities of employees and employers [P1] I will identify and describe the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers in a selected business. With guidance from my teacher, I have selected an appropriate business organisation for this task. The business I have chosen to do is McDonalds. McDonald's is one of the best-known brands worldwide. There are now more than 30,000 McDonald's Restaurants in over 119 countries. Today, over 70 percent of McDonald's restaurants are run on this basis. In the UK, the first franchised restaurant opened in 1986 - there are now over 1,200 restaurants, employing more than 70,000 people, of which 36 percent are operated by franchisees. The organisational structure of McDonalds is hierarchical because there is series of levels. The diagram on the next page shows the downward flow of communication for McDonalds. The rights and responsibilities of employees McDonald's Crew member Crew member's responsibility is to work hard and get the jobs done as told by their supervisors. ...read more.


Provision of public liability insurance: Someone who trips in McDonalds, where there are no signs or warnings the person who tripped can claim for insurance. Appropriate training: The training is on each job at McDonalds. Some training is extremely with other jobs providing the employee with a qualification. McDonald's employer has the responsibility to give its employee the grievance procedure required. Task Two Employee relation In this task I will describe key features of employer and employees relations, highlighted in a selected industrial relation dispute. [P2] With guidance from my teacher, I have selected an appropriate industrial relation dispute for this task called British Airways - Gate Gourmet dispute. Introduction of British Airways British Airways has become the world's second largest airline carrying more than 28 million passengers from one country to another. Main aim of British Airways is to provide outstanding service to its customers at an affordable price. Despite tough competition from other airlines such as Virgin Atlantic Airways, United Airlines and other European airlines, British Airways still holds the major market share. BA maximise on their work force by ensuring they employ the highest skilled staff for the particular job, some times they will only employ staff who are well educated. British Airways are currently struggling with staff shortages as the level of absenteeism for the company's employees are high above the average and acceptable figures for the industry. Employees are said to be unmotivated and morale is low as increase in pay is low and the restructuring of the company have led to 13000 job losses. Gate Gourmet is a world leading airline catering company. Gate Gourmet provides its service around the globe. They produce: 624'000 meals per day or 228 million meals per year on average. I will use a couple of headings, which were given on the task sheet, to describe the features of employer and employee relations in this British airways selected case. ...read more.


All racial groups are protected from discrimination. Disability Discrimination Act 1995 It is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against a disabled person whom he employs- (a) In the arrangements which the employer makes for the purpose of determining to whom he should offer employment; (b) In the terms on which he offers that person employment; or by refusing to offer, or deliberately not offering, him/her employment. Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1988 (COSHH) This Regulation seek's to control exposure to hazardous substances which arise out of, or in connection with, work which is under an employer's control. They apply to all work in which persons are exposed, or are liable to be exposed, to substances hazardous to health. Trade Union Reform and Employment Rights Act 1993 An Act to make further reforms of the law relating to trade unions and industrial relations; to make amendments of the law relating to employment rights and to abolish the right to statutory minimum remuneration. The trade union should: (a) supply to the scrutineer as soon as is reasonably practicable after the relevant date a copy of the register of names and addresses of its members as at that date, and (b) Comply with any request made by the scrutineer to inspect the register. The law gives you the right to join a trade union wherever you work. This right applies whether a union has been recognised or not. You're protected from being disadvantaged for being a union member. Specifically trade union membership is an unlawful reason for: * refusing you employment * dismissing you * selecting you for redundancy An employer can't deduct payments from you, for example, to a union or charity, in lieu of union membership without your permission. Contracts of Employment Act 1970 This act clarifies the provisions of employers and employees and stipulates that any agreement in contravention of such freedom is unlawful. Employees and their organisations are to use work premises during breaks and outside working hours, freely and without charge in order to consider matters relating to their work or union business. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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