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'Eurest at Sainsbury's'ownership.

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Findings 'Eurest at Sainsbury's'ownership. As we already know 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' is part of Eurest. 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' is a PLC, a public limited company. PLCs are ones in which the general public are freely able to buy and sell shares on the London stock exchange. 65% of these shares are owned by The Compass Group (Compass). Compass Compass are the world's leading foodservice and hospitality organisation, they have a major market share in Europe and the USA. Compass PLC provides foodservices to offices, factories, railway stations, airports, universities, schools, healthcare institutes, offshore and remote sites, retail stores and shopping malls in more than 96 countries across the world. They are listed on the London Exchange and are a member of the FTSE 100. Compass owning 65% of Eurest's shares means that they are the holding company of Eurest and 'Eurest at Sainsbury's'. This means that 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' performance affects Compass most. Any major profit boom or loss affects Compass more that any other shareholder. Also this means that Compass is more liable for any debts or losses that 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' make than any other shareholder. How this type of ownership affects 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' PLC 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' being a PLC means that their shareholders have limited liability. This means that their shareholders are not individually liable for any losses or bankruptcy. What happens is that if the company experiences losses, the share price for the company goes down and if the company makes significant profits, the share price goes up. So any profits or losses are distributed to the shareholders/ owners. As we have already seen Compass are the main shareholders of 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' and so therefore any profits or losses affects them most. So 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' are under pressure from Compass to grow and make more profits. Compass being the holding company is good for 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' as it means that most of their funding, stock, and various equipment is provided for by Compass. ...read more.


------------------------------------------- Customer Satisfaction * We seek to achieve customer satisfaction by 'doing the right things right' * We work to maintain profitable long-term relationships with our clients, customers and partners To do this we... * Identify our internal and external clients and customers * Review existing research as to their needs, wants and opinions and commission new research where needed * Use the research to establish a 'customer satisfaction index' * Declare improvement targets in priority areas * Determine appropriate responses and prioritise them into an action plan * Communicate this action plan and ensure that it is supported by key management at all levels within the group So to achieve customer satisfaction 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' have to identify their clients and customers, then research their needs, then set targets on how to improve their satisfaction, carry these targets and finally they should talk about this action and make sure it is supported by the management. This is a good method of obtaining customer satisfaction, it explains in detail a professional method of achieving this. They have chosen this method because it involves finding out the customers' needs and wants, this means that they know exactly what the customers need. Then declaring improvement targets means that they have found, through research, new and efficient ways of satisfying the customers. Finally, prioritising the targets and making sure that the targets are supported by the management is a way off ensuring that the targets are safe and that they are going to be a success. They have chosen this over other targets because off how efficient it is and that they know from experience that it is the best target. For example 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' could have decided that to achieve customer satisfaction they should serve good quality meals at a cheap price. This would be a good method, but although it would please some customers, it would also displease other customers because 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' would spend a lot of their time sticking to this target and not to the other needs of the customers. ...read more.


* Sales growth * Profit growth * Achieving budgets/targets * Year on year performance Financial performance is Compass's main objective; they already have incredible financial performance across the world but 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' is not there most successful business. This objective involves making a major profit and making major growth in sales and profit. They expect this year after year. This means that 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' have to focus all of their efforts on making substantial profit so that they can use this so that the business and profits grow. They have chosen this objective because obviously Compass main concerned, like any business, is profit and growth. 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' have been a very profitable organisation for a long time. The company has grown from having one unit in one Sainsbury's store to having a unit in nearly every Sainsbury's store in the UK. This means that from when 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' started they have achieved this objective fully. Apart from the recent financial loss this show how successfully the company has been. This is because Eurest saw a good opportunity in placing units in Sainsbury's store and because of this they have boomed. For example on the 31st of December 1995, 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' had 22 units placed in the UK. Now they have 46+ units in the UK. This shows how 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' have achieved this objective. Overview The targets that Compass has set 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' show that Compass are have high expectations for them. As we have seen 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' has achieved most of these targets and our still on their way to achieving them fully. These objectives have been selected carefully and show exactly what Compass wants from 'Eurest at Sainsbury's'. These have been chosen over other targets because they suit 'Eurest at Sainsbury's' perfectly and if carried out properly they will benefit both Compass and 'Eurest at Sainsbury's'. ...read more.

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