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Evaluate an existing marketing campaign - Rockstar Games "Max Payne".

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D2 - evaluate an existing, national marketing campaign In a report, evaluate fully an existing, national marketing campaign (to be different than the one detailed for D1) The campaign that I have chosen to discuss is the next big hit from the Rockstar series “Max Payne”. This is the third instalment of the series and it’s set to be bigger and better than its predecessors. The advertising campaign the campaign had budget of just over £15milion. The game was set to be released on the 15th of May 2012 with the campaign beginning on the 15th of February. It was an international campaign covering most economically developed countries. However though out this report I will be only talking about how it was advertised in the UK. The campaign with a budget of over £15 million was always going to be huge and with the UK being one of their main focuses not a penny less than necessary was spent. ...read more.


This being a third person shooter game containing drugs, sex and violence would be aimed at teenagers and young adults. The gender this game would mainly appeal to is male. Therefore the games advertising campaign would be very masculine and of a nature that suits young adults. For example the billboard seen above is very aggressive with big bold font and a bit of action as well. In the Max Payne campaign they would be very specific with the jargon used making sure it appeals to the target audience. An example of this would be ?Rockstar Games Presents?. This is used in the adverts and billboards because it is something that people can represent and associate themselves with. For example if people have brought Rockstar games before then they will know what they are like and if they have a high opinion then they may be more likely to by the game being launched. ...read more.


The objective of Rockstar is to create a brand in which people can associate with the best of gaming. The campaign definitely try?s to create this image. For example in the TV advert they use very powerful imagery of game play to show of the amazing affects alongside deep moments in the story to engage the audience and draw them in. As already mentioned the campaign has an almost movie like feel to it creating a very realistic game that attracts the target audience. Overall I think the campaign is very effective as it is very appealing to its target audience which I can agree because of being who the game is aimed at. The realistic approach makes it seem like the game would be very real which not ever playing it I cant agree with. However on reading reviews it has very high praise. The livery and the jargon used within the promotional mix are also in my opinion very effective. In conclusion a highly successful campaign especially as it currently stand 2nd in the UK sales chart. ...read more.

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