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Evaluate how effective McDonalds are when marketing their products.

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´╗┐Matt Cole Unit 3 D1 For companies such as McDonalds marketing is very important they use a variety of techniques and in this report I am going to evaluate how effect McDonalds uses these techniques when marketing their products. I will first off explain the technique and then evaluate using logical opinions, interpreting the data and discussing weather or not it is reliable and valid. The first technique I am going to discuss is objectives. These objectives are decided by the marketing team or by the managers and are also known as SMART objectives for example an objective that I have found on the McDonalds website is to open 30 new drive thru restaurants per year from 2011 in order to make McDonalds even more convenient. This is a SMART objective because it is specific being 30 measurable they can record if it?s been achieved. Achievable because McDonalds have the resources to do it, realistic due to the amount of resources they have and time-bound being 2011. Objectives like this can be very useful for business to use as they make the target seem more reasonable and the approach can be adapted and changed in order to meet the objective. ...read more.


but even so their was a drop in 2008 (sourced from BBC news) due to the recession and it most likely would have been more if they hadn?t changed and adapted their strategy to suit the economical environment. In 2008 McDonalds launched many new products and also brought out a menu that is still expanding today. This is known as the saver menu which offers a variety of food and drink that can all be brought for 99p. This was a very successful campaign which they advertised greatly to make sure it was known. McDonalds also launched such products as 20chicken nuggets to share. Products such as this were launched to ease the pockets of their customers otherwise they may have lost a lot of business from customers leaving due to not having the money to spend. This was clearly a successful strategy as McDonalds are now still as strong as ever. Another time that survival strategies are put into place is during a boom period (when there is a sudden rise in growth of an economy usually caused by good new such as the Olympics or Christmas). ...read more.


Through research I have found that McDonalds have been voted number one for consumers preferred choice of fast food restaurants for many years now (sourced from daily mail) proving that this method is very valid. In conclusion I think that McDonalds marketing team do very well at all these techniques and all of them have benefited the restaurant gaining them customers that will come back time over time as well as still bringing in new potential customers. For example by expanding their range or due to the sheer amount of money they put into brand advertising just to get huge amounts of recognition. However one key area in which I found no data of McDonalds? succeeding in or even trying was diversification into new markets with new products such as hotels in which they could make huge profits but haven?t tried. This is perhaps because they have been smart and saw that they could have made a loss or it could just be a missed opportunity. Overall though McDonalds is such a huge and successful business it is hard to be negative towards how they run. ...read more.

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