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Evaluate if a car manufacturer and a carpenter need ICT to succeed.

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Evaluate if a car manufacturer and a carpenter need ICT to succeed. For years car manufacturers made and sprayed all cars by hand. This was a very long and tiresome process which took a lot of labour and cost employers a lot of money. However, recently there has been a huge development in technology which has changed the industry completely. For example the spraying and building of cars is now done by robots. This means the job is done at a faster rate and is more efficient. This is important because it means the company can save money by not having to pay employees by producing more cars in less time. The advantages of using robots are that labour doesn't have to be paid and the robot works more efficiently. On the other hand the machines need to be programmed/ fixed and this means someone must be employed to do this. Also, making a lot of employees jobless, won't give the company a very good image and people may start to "boycott" the company. ...read more.


Both carpenters and car manufactures could benefit from using ICT to do their accounts. It would be an advantage to both companies as the data is easy to input, the computer would do all the processing and come up with an output (the final figures). However someone would have to set this entire account system up at a cost. It will save both companies money in the long run, because neither company will have to pay so many people to do the accounts, they can just pay one person. However this one person will have to be trained in how to use this system and will probably expect to be paid more. This will cause a minor set back in the short term, but the money will soon be made up in the long run. Many companies may use this recent development in technology to research what their competitors are doing. This will help them to decide on their prices and for them to see how trends etc. are changing in the market. ...read more.


This may be because many people still like handmade goods; however they too must keep up with competitors in order to stay in the game. Both industries have the problem of not only competing with others in their own country but in the whole world, and with there being more imports than exports and most of the raw materials coming from abroad it is vital they keep up. There are many other reasons why using ICT won't necessarily lead to success. Due to there being more imports than exports, it shows that foreign goods are more desirable than UK ones. This is because they are so much cheaper. The UK has the disadvantage of buying in raw materials at an expensive price, but then because of this, they are sold for much more than the foreign good equivalent. It is very expensive to update machines so prices may have to rise short term in order to cover these costs. For an industry to be truly successful it must have a good state of economy in that country, be very efficient and be out doing any other competitors. A graph to show what foreign imports has done to the UK industry or car manufacturing and carpentry. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

The writer does not emphasise the difference between a large car company and a small carpenters. They will have very different uses of ICT and need it to vastly different extents. Many applications of ICT are ignored, for instance the use of ICT in the design process.

Marked by teacher David Salter 07/02/2012

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