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"Evaluate impact of Technology-enabled business operations".

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"Evaluate impact of Technology-enabled business operations" Introduction Since the late 90's the advances in technology has had a dramatic impact in the world of business and society as a whole. Computer systems have had the biggest impact in manufacturing operations as well as in business operations which provide services and product sales to other businesses as well as the public. This is known as Electronic Commerce (or E-commerce), the trading of products and services over an electronic medium. Analysis The impact technology-enabled business operations have had the following advantages to society and the business world: * Increased Productively & Business Technology-enabled business operations have increased business productively, i.e. in computer aided manufacturing changes to the design can be done quickly which is reflected in the output. Hundreds of customers can for example place an order on you're a website for example quickly without the need to talk to someone over the phone which can take longer. ...read more.


* Reduced Costs Technology-enabled business operations has meant that businesses could operate a "Just in time" policy, this is that a manufacturing firm for example could order parts as and when needed, this could be done automatically as the product goes through the production line, therefore they do not incur the costs associated with holding stock such as insurance, storage rent and security. Also through E-Commerce businesses save money because less sales staff are needed, no shops are required, so money is saved on rent, lighting, heating etc, a machine can take orders all day without rest. These saving can be passed on to the customer making the businesses more competitive. The impact of technology-enabled business operations has however had the following adverse affect on society and the business world. * Increased Unemployment The impact technology-enabled business operations have resulted in more automation, people have lost their jobs because they have been de-skilled by computers which 'do their old job', e.g. ...read more.


In 2001 46% of the UK population had access to the internet at home and 26% at work. (Source: Nielsen//NetRatings, 1st Quarter 2001). Conclusion The impact of technology-based business operations has had benefits to both businesses and society as a whole. Firstly the Internet has meant that business could have a greater presence, they are able to reach a far wider audience of customers, and they are also able to operate 24 hours a day. Businesses have also become more productive due to automation; computers are far faster and efficient than people and need no rest. Organisations have benefited from reduced overheads so are able to save money which in turn makes products and services cheaper to the public, however this comes at a cost, people in certain types of jobs have become de-skilled, and also the increased use of the internet in business has opened new opportunities for fraudsters. ...read more.

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