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Evaluate the effectiveness of the business activities in both Sainsbury's and GE Lighting.

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Task 5 For this task, I am required to evaluate the effectiveness of the business activities in both Sainsbury's and GE Lighting. I will then make a link stating how these activities are connected with the aims and objectives of the companies along with their relative significance. Firstly it is important to note that business activities are the services that companies provide whether it is to consumers or to other companies. These activities that Sainsbury's and GE Lighting provide will steer them one step closer in achieving their aims and objectives. Aims and objectives serve as signposts from which strategic plans are established. These objectives provide direction for all phases of the company and serve as major standards in evaluating performance. Objectives are targets that need to be need achieved in order for a company to progress onto fulfilling their aims. Companies cannot achieve these unless they are providing good services. Sainsbury's The activities that Sainsbury's provide are as follows: * Sainsbury's Supermarkets; * Sainsbury's Bank; * Shaw's Supermarkets; * JS Development; * & Sainsbury's Property Development. The generic aims and objectives of Sainsbury's are as follows: * Achieving Profit * Increasing/Maximising Sales * Increase Market Share * Expand/Growth through Penetrating new markets * To Manufacture/Sell Superlative Components/Goods and Services * To offer a highly Competitive and Quality Assured Service to the Consumer/ Retailing Chain * To Increase/Solidify Upon User/Customer Perceptions How the Activities Sainsbury's Provide help them achieve their Aims/Objectives I will now evaluate how Sainsbury's activities are connected with their aims and objectives and analyse whether the activities are raising the performance of the company. ...read more.


In addition, bar charts, information from each Sainsbury's directors, annual reports will be utilised upon too. Sainsbury's Performance The results for Sainsbury's shows that good progress has been completed in more challenging and demanding market conditions. As you can see, the bar chart on the left hand side illustrates that Sainsbury's on behalf of all of their subsidiary companies have improved their operating profitability levels greatly because from the years 1999 to 2000, the plc lost a lot of operating profit as their profits depreciated by �123 million from �730 million to �607 million. But since then Sainsbury's group profit levels have taken a turn for the good as they started to grow up until 2003 where the profit level has risen to a massive �752 million which has been their best ever operating profitability levels. �752 million pounds has shown to be a large improvement on Sainsbury's group underlying profits since 2002 has they have shown an improvement of �73 million pounds. The bar chart on the left demonstrates that Sainsbury's Supermarkets have started to increase their profits once again as by 2003 profits had increased from �505 million to �572 million which shows an increase in �67 million. However having said the graph also acts as an indication that shows Sainsbury's are still not quite performing as they should be because in 1999 their year finishing profits were a substantial �671million which was almost �100 million more, �99 million to be precise. Sainsbury's Supermarkets The table here shows that Sainsbury's have become more cost cutting effective by employing more part-time workers. ...read more.


If these objectives are met then it could result in an increase of their sales as people's belief's about the company will have risen and help GE lighting accomplish the aim of generating more profit, growth and maximise sales too. As a conclusion, it can be said that the contribution of activities that both GE Lighting and Sainsbury's provide are of great importance in the quest to achieve their respective aims and objectives. Activities in businesses regardless of what they provide will contribute towards their goal of achieving a certain corporate/strategic aim such as growth and increase in sales and profit because without them, there is no incremental contribution. TQM plays a pivotal part in GE lighting's success, year on year they can strive to make their operations more streamlined and efficient. TQM enables GE lighting to tangibly identify and measure the effective of their operations. The more efficient GE Lighting become, the greater the chances of them increasing in the likelihood of achieving their aims and objectives because there will be less flaws in the manufacturing stages of their production. If there are minimal errors identified, quality is improved. Quality is the key and everything that GE Lighting and Sainsbury's strive for because they know that if they enhance products and introduce more activities, it will help them achieve all their objectives. Without profit a business will be unable to modernise themselves, reward shareholders, install new and innovative technologies nor justify some sort of investment. Without quality in products, an organisation cannot increase perceptions, gain loyalty thus hindering them to achieve the objective of increasing in sales and trying to grow. 1 https://secure.gelightnet.com/eu/specoem/highlights/index.html 2 www.bbc.co.uk 3 http://www.lmu.ac.uk/lis/imgtserv/tools/ Amish Patel ITB Peter Eskesen ...read more.

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