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Evaluating the waste management system of new hip joints at NorthwickParkHospital, Watford Road, Harrow.

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System Case Study. Recycling and Waste Management. Evaluating the waste management system of new hip joints at Northwick Park Hospital, Watford Road, Harrow. System choice, objectives and Research Plan. I have decided to investigate the waste management system of new hip joints used in at Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow. Northwick Park Hospital is situated in North West London, (figure 1). The hospital was opened in 1972 by Her Royal Majesty the Queen. The hospital was designed and drawn up in 1956 using American based layouts. The final design was made so the whole hospital could be accessed from the inside, like a small village. The hospital has 1,400 rooms for doctors and nurses. There are over 1000 beds available to the public. Now the hospital has many facilities available to patients, like a shopping square, hairdressers, computer suits, large swimming pools, a famous Olympic medical centre, social club and it's very own train station. One of the most recent events was in 1994 when Diana Princess of Wales opened the children's A & E department. Surgery of Hip Joints: When the hip joint surgery takes place, it is normally done on older women aged between 70 to 90. The surgery means the patients stays up to on average of 8 days in hospital. The procedure needs a 30cm incision, and extensive cutting of the leg and hip muscles, which can scar and can lead to dramatic blood loss. At Northwick Park they dispose of new hip joints because after a year of storage they are expired, as said by doctors. The joints don't actually have expiry dates, but they do need to be replaced every year for hygiene reasons. The brand new stainless steel joints are exposed of every year. Each joint is packed in foam and costs about �3,000 each (�6,000 a pair). In total it would cost about �10,000 to order and have the operation. ...read more.


6.3.04 Sketches of areas which cannot be photographed. 2 in total. This information is adequate like the photographs as is gives visual proof of the areas that the waste is kept in. (Figures to refer to are allocated at the end of this section) * The first piece of information I collected was from the internet. I looked at the new types of medical hip technology to see if there are any new designs. Figure 2 shows what I found out on U.K websites, that there is a new easy method of inserting the new joint. The pervious information gives me some background information and shows me if there are any new types of hip joint replacements available. * Also I did some background research on one of the skip companies which they use at Northwick Park. When I spoke to the maintenance supervisor he gave me details on the company and where to look. Figure 3 shows what I have found out. * The second piece of information which I collected was the questionnaire. I created a questionnaire which covers some of the points which I mentioned in my research plan. Figure 4 shows the questions which I used. In total there are 16 complete questionnaires, shown after the blank one. * When I visited Northwick Park hospitals maintenance department I received a copy of the hospitals map and asked the maintenance supervisor to highlight the area where the hip joint stock room is and the area the skip is placed. This map shows me the distance between the waste and skip and I can see how far a porter needs to travel every year. Figure 5 shows the map which I collected. * Also when I visited the hospital I took as many photographs that I can, as some areas could not be photographed. This piece of information gives me visual proof that the waste enters these areas. ...read more.


I.e. when to do it and how it's done. Talking and observing the porters about the handling of the waste from the department to the skip. To maintain new medical parts for the safety of the patients health and recovery. Informing the staff near the department about when new stock is ordered and replaced for the safety of the patients. Helps to keep the hospital with current and developing medical technologies. Identifying the current development in this area of medical technology by researching it on the world wide web. Prevents germs from accumulating in stock so when ready for use it has not expired or another human has been in contact with the stock. Asking about the time the stock has been kept and the number of times other people have come in contact with the stock. To help keep the disposal of the stock constant. Identifying who empties the stock by interviewing a porter and by what company disposes it by researching on the world wide web. As the system does dispose of the waste successfully, the improvements which have been thought off and the ones which are obvious, have not been put to work, this could be because the hospital throws away so much waste, so why should they care about one type of waste. Another reason could be that it costs to much, as the hospital already uses to much money for medical equipment and repairs, they sometimes can't afford to pay for other services and machines. If I had more time to look at this case study I would look and ask more people within the system, about what happens. This would give me a wide and varied range of results meaning that my research would be more precise. Also I would put my proposal to practice by asking the staff about what they think of the idea. Maybe it could lead to my proposal becoming a real situation. By doing these changes this I would make my case study better and more detailed and successfully, than it already is. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sham Bakrania 07/05/2007 ...read more.

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