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Evaluation of a database set up in microsoft access.

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Evaluation In Microsoft Access it was easy to do queries because all of the fields I needed to search for information in were laid out into a neat table and I could easily tell where to type the information I was looking for. I could sort information by different fields just by selecting 'ascending' or 'descending'. Not only could I do simple searches, but complex searches were just as easy, I only had to type in a little more information. Sometimes it was quite confusing when I was searching for specific dates, because I had to work out what the short date was, whether it was '<' or '>' sign, and where the boundaries where for different years. 'And', 'or' and 'not' searches were easy to do as I only had to type 'and', 'or' or ' not' in from or between the information I was searching for. I could view all of my data inputted clearly and in the form of a table with columns. Producing graphs, forms and reports were easy because Microsoft Access has 'wizards' which take you stop my stop through the processes. ...read more.


? Some of my reports looked like tables with the contents arranged in columns. ? They could contain as much or as little information as you want - all records or just a few. ? These records could display information which was based on queries. Buttons ? These allowed me to view other pieces of information, using a link, e.g. from my welcome page to all my records in the database. ? And it quickly allowed me to see information related to the page I was already on. Macros ? These let me open a new form for example, automatically. I also used these with buttons to refer from records to welcome pages. Table View ? I could view all of the information inputted clearly and in the form of a table with columns. It was quite easy to produce tables, reports and graphs as outputs in Access. When I selected what query I wanted to use I then decided which fields I wanted to display in my output designs. This was easy as all I had to do was 'tick' or 'untick' the 'show' row in the query 'design view'. ...read more.


I had to change my fields types to produce the graph to my desired effect. The graph did not label the axes 'yes' and 'no', instead it was '0' and '-1' which was not what I had intended. The wizard for creating the graphs was quite good. I could also decide whether the graph had a key or legend which would help the user to identify the different information on the graph. In design view the actual graph was not displayed which made designing the graph quite difficult - only a model was shown. Compared to Excel the graphs were not as good. They did not have the same information and designing as they did in Excel, and the titles of the axes was limited. Data labels could not be added either, which could make the graph quite difficult to read for users. Overall I think Microsoft Access was the correct program to complete my work in, it had many good features which helped my throughout my project and was easy and simple to use after I had learnt the basics. If there was one thing I could change though, it was have to be an improvement on the graphs. Project 1b Evaluation Charlotte Body 11J 30/04/2007 Mr. Webster ...read more.

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