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Evaluation of implemenation of ICT in a video shop.

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out. Also I could also create a Test Plan to show how I worked out my results and how I could check if it was correct. IMPLEMENATION How I created sheet 1 of my payroll: - 1. I Firstly opened Microsoft Excel 2000 2. I went to Column A, Row 1(A1) then typed in the name of my firm, Wizards Video Club. 3. Then went to A3 and typed in 'Week Beginning' and 'Tax Rate' below it in cell A4. 4. In B3 & B4 I typed in the appropriate date and tax rate. The tax rate I used was 20%. 5. In rows 7 & 8 I typed in the headings i.e. Hours Worked, Rate of Pay etc. 6. I then typed in 15 names of employees in column A, starting at row 9. 7. I typed in the hours worked (previous months) for all members of staff from the files I acquired form the store. 8. I then typed in the rate of pay for all staff this information was also acquired from the store from a previous month. 9. I then clicked on the letter C at the top of the column so the whole column was highlighted. Then I clicked on the Format tab then Cells, Number and Finally Currency. ...read more.


The end payslip should look like this: Interview with the Owner of the business: - - How long has this business been established? It started off at our home over 20 years ago when me and my brother starting selling videos. - What is involved in running your business? I buy the videos from various warehouses from east London, which are stored in my stores the videos go directly to my customers who have booked them in advance. If any videos are not rented out within a certain time limit we refund them. If the delivery is huge we have to use transport companies to deliver the goods, but if the deliveries are small or reasonable we use our own van, which is operated by one of the store workers. - How do you record your finances, what is involved and how long does it take? Once the goods are rented out we keep invoices, which are then filed. At the end of each month I personally add up the bills and calculate the sales, decrease/increase in stock levels, profit/loss, monthly expenses and VAT. This process takes up the whole day as the sums are lengthy and take up a lot of time. At the end of the year income tax is calculated referring to the profit or loss made throughout the twelve months. ...read more.


a smaller type store who would more often than not leave the transfer of data on to a spreadsheet due to there not being enough data to permit doing so. Doing my spreadsheet over a year rather than a month would have given the user a much better idea of how their business is doing. Only doing a month restricts their knowledge of the store and a yearly record would enhance this view and allow them to make future decisions under better judgement. I believe that I could have improved the discount aspect of my spreadsheet, as it is slightly out of sync with the rest of my work. The main detail for that particular worksheet was the names of the customers but again I could not have added such depth with the time allowed. If I were to do this project again, I would perhaps do a different type of store to allow me and the user to use a variety of new and different functions, as well as get a better outlook on how the productivity of sales varies with different types of stores. Overall, I have found this project a very interesting and intriguing one and am proud to say that I met the user's needs and thus met the main target set out at the start of the work. Soyful Talukdar 11E Page 1 of 1 ...read more.

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