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Examining a Business failure

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The organizational behavior studies the relationship between the employee and the employer in an organization. This paper will examine business failures in large corporations such as Tyco, Enron and Chrysler/Daimler-Benz. Therefore, I will be determining the organizational behavior theories could have prevented the business failure. The organizational behavior principles are based on an ethical behavior of an organization including the senior management and the board of Directors. The ethics help to build the transparent communication and interaction within organization. Nowadays, the organizational behavior is determined by global management, information technology, customer focus, workforce diversity, and business ethics. Understanding the organizational behavior will help businesses to predict the possible failures or to correct the current danger within organization. ...read more.


In 2002, after the collapse of Enron, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) was created in to attempt to protect shareholders and the corporation by improving the accuracy and reliability of corporate disclosures (Auditing Journal, 2006.) SOX require a financial report for internal control in order to protect and enhance standards for corporate accountability, responsibility and financial reporting transparency. Failure of Leadership Effectiveness Tyco case shows that lack of communication and accuracy of judgment within the board of Directors encouraged the fraudulent practice of the chief Kozlowski. If the board of Directors was more committed within the organization, they should have question where is the problem coming from and how to resolve it and take a closer look at the financial reports or to address to the financial auditing organizations. ...read more.


In this case, cultural differences, operations and management incompatibility caused the failure of German and American automotive companies. Studying and making research before taking decisions of merger and acquisitions could prevent any miscalculated failures and danger of bankruptcy within an organization. One of the challenges that could occur within organizational behavior in any business is managing the uncertainty, diverse workforce, conflicts and complex organizational issues. Today's manager needs to think out of the box and understand the importance of the corporate governance and ethical behavior that require leadership management. The unethical accounting practices and mismanagement occurred within certain organizations such as Enron, should be today's manager's avoidance guide in order to keep away from similar disaster. ...read more.

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