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Examples of companies using market segmenting

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Marketing segmentation Market segmentation is a strategy that involves dividing a larger market into subsets of consumers who have common needs and applications for the goods and services offered in the market. These subgroups of consumers can be identified by a number of different demographics, depending on the purposes behind identifying the groups. Marketing campaigns are often designed and implemented based on this type of customer segmentation. Segmentation is also when you need to know who your customers are and where they live. Segment means to slit them up to identify who they are. Vodafone are well established business and target specific customers and most customers that Vodafone targets are business men and women and they also sponsor formula one drivers and they make money from that as well. Vodafone also offer mobile services that includes pay as you go and pay monthly deals and Vodafone also offer broadband services to their potential customers. ...read more.


Why? KFC segment different age ranges to know what they are interested in e. g the food they uses questionnaire to know the kind of food they like. How much they are likely to spend in KFC shops. This segmentation help KFC to target their potential customers and helps improves the quality of service they provide. This segmentation helps KFC to attend to the need of the different age groups and helps improve their quality of service. How? Newspapers providers segment different them into small source providers especially now news is very important for both teenagers and adults and different news agents sell them. They segmented into four groups and they include local news papers in the Enfield borough. Why? This pie chart shows the market segmentation on the Enfield independent. This shows what is mostly advertised in the local newspaper. This is where business sold advertising space to other businesses. ...read more.


Tesco also segmented their customer through club card and club card application. Why? Tesco use their club card scheme to segment their market and look at who spend the most and who shop the most. Tesco are one of the largest markets because people tend to buy most of their household goods from Tesco and will not be targeted that much as they already collect club card points and visit Tesco on a regular basis. The shopping again are people who have recently began shopping at Tesco after leaving they will be watched by Tesco the reason why they left in the first place. How? Vodafone plc has different price plans that their customers can choose from to suit their needs. Vodafone segment through the use of price plans. Why? This pie chart shows market segmentation for Vodafone their customers via their price plan for example: whether they pay �15-�20 a month or �25-�30 a month. They target their customers to sell and to encourage its customers to change a higher price plan. ?? ?? ?? ?? Timothy Egbivwie ...read more.

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