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Examples of stakeholders that I will be discussing are customers, employees, shareholders, community and the government. The two businesses that I have chosen to investigate are Asda and Monica convenience store (Mcs

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Unit 2 p5 Stakeholders are people who have an interest or influence in the business. Examples of stakeholders that I will be discussing are customers, employees, shareholders, community and the government. The two businesses that I have chosen to investigate are Asda and Monica convenience store (Mcs). The owners or shareholders of Asda expect the business to expand and do well. They would expect the business to make a high turnover and they would expect all their products to be of a high standard. Asda's shareholders expect to employee hard working employees that will benefit the profit of the business the employees can accomplish this by providing the best customer services possible to make the supermarket popular by offering good service, friendly staff, and a lot of advertising so everyone knows about Asda and obviously competitive prices, as well as keeping Asda a clean and safe environment that will make customers want to come and shop. The customers of Asda expect the company to keep up with standards and customer services. Customers want high quality products that are provided in good condition, they would also expect these products to be cheap and certainly to beat their rival's prices so shoppers at the rivals will come to Asda. ...read more.


The customers would like the products they sell are at a reasonable price and they are also good quality. Customers also expect the business to be trustworthy for instance if Mcs advertised a offer in the shop which said was but one get one free customers would expect this to be true. The customers would also expect the business to provide good service and if a customer would need any help an employee would help them also the customers would expect money back with items that are in the conditions they got if it wasn't what they intended Mcs doesn't have many employees, (they have three) because it is a family business still the employees still expect things from it. They would expect to work reasonable hours with descent pay. Unlike Asda, Mcs haven't got any opportunities for promotions so employees can't expect to have better pay e.g. promoted from assistant manger to manager. Mcs have many competitors located near it. Competitors expect Mcs to have competitive prices they would expect them to have a good variety of products at a reasonable price and staff are friendly and helpful. ...read more.


Customers also want Mcs to stock a few healthier products Mcs has responded to this by now stocking some fruit and vegetables also some organic fruit. Employee's expectations have changed very much during the last decade. Mcs's employees expect to be treated fairly and not be discriminated against and also when applying for their job being told they can't have it because of their sex but Mcs are a family business so people don't usually treat family unfairly and wouldn't discriminate each other. Mcs have reacted to this by respecting them for who they are and not judging them on how they look (prejudice) Customers also expect to receive wages on time (the paper boy). Mcs have responded to these changes by making sure employees get their wages on time and if Mcs can afford it they will give bonuses once in a while. Over the last decade competitors expectations have changed. Mcs's competitors expect prices to be low so customers will shop at the lowest priced business Mcs have reacted to this by trying to beat or match their competitors prices. The government expectations have changed over the last decade. The government would expect the business to follow all the laws seriously so Mcs make sure everyone involved in the business know these rules and abides by them. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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