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Explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes at John Lewis,

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´╗┐Communication is an integral aspect of business as a business must communicate internally to be successful. It is very important because it can be used to exchange ideas and make decisions. Without communication the business may be likely to fall apart. In this assignment John Lewis will be used as an example of a business that demonstrates outstanding communication with both its employees and customers. John Lewis began in 1864 with its first store in Oxford Street, London. Through serving customers with their suppliers high quality goods they have succeeded in building the largest department store retailer in the UK with 37 John Lewis stores and a growing online business. At John Lewis they work hard to offer customers everything they need at competitive prices with an excellent service. Communication is the act of sharing information by exchanging thoughts, messages and information by using methods such as speech, visuals, writing and behaviour. An example of this is passing messages within a business using emails or memos. ...read more.


the communication methods they use include government consultations, regular dialogue with policy makers and conferences and speaking engagements. All these methods help John Lewis to establish manual beneficial relationships and supply chain labour standards. Many different people shop at the John Lewis to purchase their products and services. John Lewis does not have specific customers and they aim to accommodate all people. The general purpose of communication is to ensure the smooth running of a business this may include decision making, exchanging ideas and research purposes. John Lewis uses communication to be sure that everybody involved in the business is kept happy for example they have focus groups and surveys for customers, this will help monitor the level of customer satisfaction and they also get to see a wide range of customers opinions. Many sources of information are used within John Lewis these are internal and external sources. Internal sources function within the business where external sources function outside the business but most of the sources correspond with each other. ...read more.


gazette ? Communicating with the employees of the business The marketing Department sends out a weekly newspaper for the employees Gives the employees information on events and sales in the business Internal ? Marketing department On-screen Video/Audio ? Television Advert The marketing department using television to market the company To advertise promotional activities Internal ? Marketing department Multimedia Video conference ? Marketing executive communicating with department managers The marketing executive holds a live conference between department managers in different locations involving video and audio via computer To inform them of the new promotions both in-store and online Internal ? Marketing department Web-based Internet ? research department The research department using the internet to gather information on the competition Comparing the pricing of the products External ? Research department In this assignment I have found that John Lewis communicates with everybody involved in the business using different methods of communication and sources, I now realise that communication is very important in a business as it helps the business to run smoothly ensuring a strong future and happy customers. ...read more.

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