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Explain how a computerised system could improve the efficiency of an organisation, giving examples throughout

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Task 1 Explain how a computerised system could improve the efficiency of an organisation, giving examples throughout There are two ways of keeping accounts: The manual system of accounting: this involves the accounts being done on paper Advantages of using a manual system It is cheap depending on the size of the company. For instance a window cleaner that receives �5.00 per customer and has only three customers on a Friday. It would be a total waste for him to spend �800 or more on getting a software to record the customers' account because writing each customer's name on a page recording what was paid and is owed in his pocket book is all that is really needed. It is easy to reference data but then this depends on the volume of the transaction. For this cleaner, his business with these customers is only on Fridays and checking if one of the customers has an outstanding debt or not will be easy for him compared a company like Tesco recording needing to check something up with a manual system. It is simple to use. Using the cleaner as an example again, recording that customer A paid after he cleaned and customer B owes �5 from ...read more.


Take the QUICKEN software for example. When wrong information is entered, the user is notified immediately for corrections to be made compared to the manual system where if the wrong figure is entered, the mistake is detected if the person goes through the information a second time or someone else using the data detects it. It is more efficient in terms of lesser time spent recording data no matter the size, lesser errors occurring when you make use of a computer software package instead of paper to record transactions and referencing to previous data. For example at Tesco the EPOS system displays the price of the goods being bought and calculates the total bill for the customer at the till. At the same time it records what goods have been bought, type of payment and the level of each stock on the store floor computer from where the information is easily transferred to the central store computer. All this information recorded manually will need different people to attend to each area and will probably take days to finish but with the EPOS system, it is done at that moment. ...read more.


Say a sales person normally visits two clients per day but with a new software, his boss might expect him to visit at least six because he could record information from these clients in the same time he would manually record information from two. In a fire or flood situation or system failure or crash, the company's database is easily lost and except there is a reliable backup system available, that company will have a big problem as a result of those lost information. This is because the software is in computers that are electronic and man-made. There is also the issue of loss of databases due or a virus present in the system or hackers. There is always a new virus introduced that may not be easily detected by the anti-virus system the company has and when these viruses get into the central system, the entire database of the company could be corrupted resulting in loss of information. From the above information it would be right to say that a computerised system improves the efficiency of an organisation because of the fact that the information they need to process increases as they grow and there is a need to do it accurately and in record time for efficiency, which is achieved with the use of a computerised system. ...read more.

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