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Explain how customer service standards are planned, implemented and monitored, and the impact this has on the operation of a selected business.

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AO4 Explain how customer service standards are planned, implemented and monitored, and the impact this has on the operation of a selected business. In this task I will explain why customer service needs to be planned, how this is monitored and what impact it has for the whole organisation. The present customers of the organisation are really important for the organisation and company has to do 'a step forward' to make them satisfy and to keep them. If a company has no customers there are no profits for the business. Keeping existing customers is important as finding new ones is time consuming and costly. Planning customer service standards If companies plan their customer service they are more likely to exist in a business environment. Companies which have planned customer service for both; external and internal customers are more likely to be succeeding than others. Setting aims, outlining measurable benchmarks Companies must have standards which are measured and it the targets are not achieved action will be taken. Setting aims Aims are main announcements of what the business wants to achieve. Objectives are targets which are measured to check if they are achieved. Aims and objectives are really important for the business as without them there is no meaning to business. Aim and objectives give meaning to successive activities of planning, directing, staffing, organising and controlling. Methods of setting aims for customer service are wide. ...read more.


These training usually involve presenting how to deal with different situations, to learn it there are usually used role plays with different scenarios to know how to deal with problems, complains and different types of customers. When a potential employee finishes his induction, the training still continues in place of work and done with a local staff to make sure that customer service standards are keeping up. In the Barclays bank, all of the staff has an induction which involves whole training program in a training centre which is placed in Manchester and afterwards it is continued in a branch. This induction process takes minimum 6 to 8 weeks. In the first day of the work, new employee has to go through security procedures, do other trainings like health and safety and get to know other employees. Other trainings which are necessary are people plus which is about customer service and trainings like computer skills and accountant trainings need to be taken. There is no mentor, but all of the employees are monitored by the managers, but besides this, everyone helps. Other courses which are vital to work in the bank are complains, money, fraud protection and fire procedures. Departmental trainings take place, lots of the trainings are done individually on the computer but there are regular courses to attend. External trainings also are present; they are taken in the Manchester in head of branch, where employees improve their skills knowledge about fire procedures are also improved. ...read more.


When a customer complains about member of a staff, the staff member can get a verbal warning, if it is first time, if not; warning can be written or can be dismissal. Improving communication is also costly, telephones, internet, computers are costly but vey useful. Besides these methods are costly for the first time, a person who has a meeting abroad can do a conference by the computer, not traveling, what saves time. The last one costly thing is improvement in physical structure of the building, for example, making things more accessible for disabled people, making lifts, automatic doors, etc. In the Barclays bank in recruiting new staff, the potential employees need to show that they are confident, punctual and have outstanding potentials. Involving new staff involves assessments which are afterwards scored. Firstly, when somebody is interesting in a position in Barclays bank, he needs to apply online, when his application form is successful he needs to get through telephone assessment, when he pass it, he is invited to the branch for an interview. Training is really costly and time consuming, but this is worth it, as people there are working for the long time and they are picked from lots of the applicants, as they are the best for these positions for which they applied. Costs involved in revamping are training cost, uniform cost, and staff time. In the Barclays, they do not really take part of making new layout of the bank. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 2 AO4 Paulina Wasilewska ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

Overall this essay deals with the title adequately. It has a good structure but at times the writer deviates from this structure and points are made out of context. A further point of criticism is that the writer at times confuses customer service indicators with business performance indicators. There is a link between them but they are not the same

Marked by teacher David Salter 07/02/2012

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