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Explain the ethical issues H & M needs to consider in its operational activities

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´╗┐Introduction In this report I will be talking about how my chosen organisation, which is H&M, uses ethical issues to consider in its every day operational activities. H&M may not have some ethical issues that I will be discussing about in this report, but I will talk in detail about how they could use them, issues in their business. I will be explaining how H&Ms way of selling affects ethical issues and will be discussing about the things they need to be aware of whilst selling their clothes. Human Rights Business ethics consider actions taken on behalf of organisations such as H&M. Business ethics as the business if its actions are good or bad for us humans. Many questions that arise in business ethics affect all of us such as the environmental ones. There are also some issues which relate to human rights too. Therefore it is important that H&M deal with these issues and questions correctly as they do affect humans and the environment. Human rights are mainly about discrimination. For example it is illegal in the UK to treat people differently because of their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability. These are known as basic human rights. There are other types of human rights which are built into legal system. At H&M employees are entitled to a contract of employment, to work part time, to be able to join a union and to have hearing against wrongful dismissal. ...read more.


Corporate governance is the employees and measures for taking important decisions within H&M. Trading Fairly Fair trade is where: * Business is carried on in an open manner. * Competition takes place on grounds that are equal for all parties * Consumers can feel secure that the goods and services they are buying are going to be of satisfactory quality. H&M must make sure that they are always trading fairly and they?re consumers should always feel secure that goods and services they are using are going to be of satisfactory quality. H&M agree that wages in some production countries are too low. Ensuring that all textile workers should be able to live on their wages has always been H&Ms vision, and this is also stated in our Code of Conduct. In November 2013, H&M had developed a new roadmap based on their vision, a fair living wage covering workers basic needs should be paid by all H&M commercial goods suppliers. One important element of this is that H&M?s while another states that this requirement is based on a skilled workforce who?s wages are negotiated and reviewed annually, involving democratically elected trade unions or worker representatives. So the roadmap is allowing H&M to provide workers with the tools they need to negotiate their own wages, and H&M also will support this process. H&M either owns or operates the factories that make their products. However H&M does not set or pay the wages of factory employees. ...read more.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) The company?s CSR work, which it calls Conscious, is carried out throughout its operations from the sourcing of raw materials and the processing of fabrics to the training of workers in the factories which manufacture H&M products. The company?s CSR initiatives include extensive use of organically grown fibres, reduction in the use of hazardous chemicals in its supply chain and production lines, increased protection for worker?s rights and efforts to improve water conservation. Corporate social responsibility is mostly connected to the company?s supply chain and its focus on quality improvements which is characteristic of all H&M activities. Fashion and quality at the best price does not only refer to how the clothing fits but also, for example how it has been manufactured. H&M states that: ?a fundamental principle is that their clothes must be manufactured under good working conditions. Also h&m therefore sets high standards in this respect and works towards long-term improvement of working conditions for the people producing their goods. These standards are in detail stated in the company?s code of conduct which lights up issues like child labour, legal requirements, safety, workers rights, factory and housing conditions, environment and inspection and compliance. H&M?s also continues to focus on the quality but quality improvements have lead to H&M undergoing a number of quality and security tests of their garments such as chemical test, button test, nickel test and etc. They do though put extra high demands on children's clothes where no sharp objects or flammable materials may occur. ...read more.

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