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Explain using examples, how at least 3 functional areas work together to support the Business Activity.

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B2- Explain using examples, how at least 3 functional areas work together to support the Business Activity. Communication Boots in Queensgate will communicate with Boots in Hampton via the telephone because if they have run out of items, for example cosmetics, they will want to communicate with the other Boots branches to ask if they have got the items they need and if they will let them have it. They will send e-mails with attachments because they want it to be fast so that all the workers know that they have a meeting and at what time so they cannot be late. Attachments are pictures; this is good because different Boots stores can get new products via attachments. They also can e-mail new ideas to each other that can help improve Boots. They can also communicate by faxing because they can fax invoices, annual reports and other important paperwork to the directors and shareholders. Also anything, which has pictures or cannot be communicated over the phone so they can send them via fax. ...read more.


their knew product they will need to know how much money they have to use so that they do not over spend. Boots may contact the finance to monitor sales for example to see if the advertising campaign has increased sales. Boots may contact the operation department to ensure that the type of product, for example perfume, has had quality checks; and it is of high standards before it comes to Boots. Boots want to advertise the same product that is being made, for example cosmetics; because if they advertise the wrong product they will lose the money they used to advertise. Also annual reports are written when marketing and operations departments are having discussions in order to make sure all the information in the report is up to date. This information is then passed to the finance department, who then will produce a report. Operations Operations will contact finance to check what their budget is because Boots want to get their budget for the operations department so they do not over spend. ...read more.


The finance department are working with the marketing department because they want the marketing department to know how much budget they have to spend on the advertisement. The finance department in Boots will be assisting the other departments well because they will tell the different department on how much money they can spend so that they don't overspend. The finance department will contact the operations and production department to get all the receipts and invoices because they need to put them in the right order and monitor exactly what has been bought and sold. The finance department will contact the operations department to see who they owe money to because they need to pay on time and check to if they paid the right amount. The finance department will tell the other departments how successful they been this is usually done via the annual report. It is important for Boots to pay their bills on time because they will not want to pay the interest. Also they will not to damage their reputation. If their reputation is damaged businesses they might not give the products on loan. ...read more.

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