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Explain, with use of examples, what is meant by crisis management. (8 marks)

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Explain, with use of examples, what is meant by crisis management. (8 marks) Crisis management is the response of an organisation to a crisis (e.g. a fire, terrorist activity, natural disaster). Many companies will have some sort of back up or contingency plan to cater for such situations, but it is rare that the actual crisis will go according to plan. It is likely that the person in charge at the time of the crisis will handle the crisis in a very controlling (authoritarian) ...read more.


Some crises will be long-lasting and will have an effect on the whole economy (such as a recession, or a natural disaster), some crises will affect all the businesses in a particular industry (such as the collapse in demand for aeroplane engines, since the terrorist attacks on New York on September the 11th 2001) and others crises will simply affect a single business (such as the Perrier Water contamination scandal in 1990, or a strike by a workforce such as the problems with the trains). ...read more.


is minimised by using whichever resources are available. Successful public relations campaigns, adequate finance, strong leadership, rapid action and effective communication (both internal and external) are the key elements for a crisis to be solved effectively. Crises will always pose a number of unexpected and unpredicted problems and dilemmas for businesses. However, as long as the business is seen to be limiting the effects of the crisis upon its various stakeholder groups (especially its customers) then its reputation may well remain intact. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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