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Explooring creative product promotion.

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Explooring creative product promotion Task 1 (P1) University of Greenwich These are the educational services offered by Greenwich University. In this section of my report I am looking at Undergraduate Programmes in International business. The product range offered for this subject is: International Business Programmes * Business in Europe, BA Hons * China International Business, BA Hons * International Business, BA Hons The target customers for the University of Greenwich are: * Graduates leaving 6th form or college. * People wishing to higher their education. * A level students. * Businesses wishing to train staff in the universities in house training programme. * Long distance students who wish to study at home. ...read more.


* The internet * Posters * Adverts * Leaflets * Prospectuses * Open days * London busses * Word of mouth Why choose us? The University of Greenwich offers the best of both worlds, city and country. As a student you would be on the doorstep of London, but we also offer the cream of Kent - rolling hills, pub-to-pub walks, seaside resorts and Canterbury Cathedral - not far away. http://www.gre.ac.uk/about The paragraph above shows Greenwich universities way of communicating the point that they have something everyone will like. They have clearly stated this by saying they offer the best of worlds, city and country. Being on the doorstep of London appeals to young students as they are potentially on the doorstep of; Clubs, Pubs, History/Historic landmarks, Shops, Restaurants ect. ...read more.


paragraph tells students who are querying going to university because they think its going to be all studying and no time for socialising or enjoying life.It tells them clearly university is not just about getting you qualifications its also about enjoying your time there too. B) Morrisons. Morrison's offer a large variety of products, Ranging from food to household appliances. Including; * Food * Drink * Electricals * Cosmetics * Caf´┐Ż * Garden products * Petrol * Tobacco * Magazines * Stationary * Home entertainment products * Scratch cards * Mobile phone top up * Cash back * Cash machines * Medication The product range for mosisions is verry large.They offer a wide variety of products to suit everyones wants and needs ?? ?? ?? ?? Creative product promotion Hannah Alexander ...read more.

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