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Exploring Business Activity (P2)

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[P2] Unit 1-Exploring Business Activity Stakeholders Business Objectives involve different individuals and groups of people- customers, employees, the local community, for example. These people are often referred to as 'Stakeholders'. A Stakeholder has an interest-a 'Stake'- in the business. In other words, a stakeholder is someone who has an interest in how an organization is run and the decisions it makes. It matters to a Stakeholder what the business does and it matters to the business what the stakeholder thinks. Some Stake holders are independent of the business while some are internal; they work for the business and share the business 'culture'. A Stakeholder has a controlling influence and benefits in some way in the business. It is the task of the business management to prioritise objectives, some of which will be conflicting, to keep the majority of the stakeholders happy for the majority of time. A decision made in the business is sometimes good for a range of stakeholders and sometimes the same decision is bad for others. Type of Stakeholders External Stakeholders * Customers * Suppliers * Community * Government * Shareholders Internal Stakeholders * Owners * Managers * Staff or Employees Stakeholders who influence the purpose of ASDA:- Internal Stakeholders * The Owner of a business is a stakeholder who looks for a return on the capital (money) ...read more.


From fundraising to volunteering, ASDA's colleagues are an integral part of the communities where they live and work. And, as a company, ASDA believes in giving something back to the customers and communities that support them - with school projects and local sponsorship schemes funded through the ASDA Foundation. ASDA has collected over �40 million through fundraising events and activities for charitable organisations including Children in Need, Tickled Pink and Tommy's. ASDA believes that young people play an important role in the future of their local community. That's why ASDA is always working to build strong relationships with schools around the UK. By doing this, ASDA can earn the support of the communities which will help in the progress of the business. * Shareholders are interested in a good long-term return on their investment and also in having a say in decision-making. Three ASDA's shareholders, Schroders, Mercury Asset Management and Robert Fleming hold nearly 30 per cent of the company. For an organization's long-term health, its directors must consider not only the interests of stakeholders like employees, consumers, and the communities where the company does business but also of the shareholders. Shareholders have some influence in the business. They can sell their shares in a corporation if they don't like the direction in which it's headed, or they can keep their shares and exercise the voting rights that come with them. ...read more.


Also, the Stadium provides indoor Swimming facility which is excellent as the weather is windy and rainy most of the times in Cwmbran. Apart from that many football match are conducted in the stadium as football being a popular game among the people. It's also the home ground for the Cwmbran Town F.C. The Stadium supports many other local clubs like swimming club, indoor bowling clubs, hockey clubs etc. The Stadium is kept clean at all times. It has a well-maintained caf� with vending machines and friendly staffs. The Stadium welcomes all the people who want to take part in the activities carried in the Stadium. * Environment: All businesses have some impact on the environment. They emit pollution, produce waste and use resources for power. Good environmental performance can have positive effects on the profits, reputations and society as a whole. Good environmental management is good for business. Cwmbran Stadium is interested in responding positively to environmental issues. It tries to control the amount of litter made in the stadium. Also it keeps its ground and pools clean at all times. * Sponsors: Cwmbran Stadium is run by Sponsors and charity. It carries out good activities that are beneficial to the community so that it can attract sponsors. It needs to be active and outgoing so that they build positive image among the shareholders. It also needs to come up with good programs for charity. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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