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Exploring Business Activity

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Nadie Horsman 1IBS2 Dhr Szanati Date 31-01-2008 Introduction Page 2 Task 1.1 Page 3 Task 2.1 Page 5 Task 2.2 Page 7 Task 2.3 Page 10 Task 4.1 Page 14 Sources Page 15 Introduction For this unit I have chosen for the Mediamarkt and hotel de Zon. I have chosen these companies because they are totally different. I know some things about this hotel so I can apply that information or I can get information. In this Unit I want to find out what the differences between these companies are. The internal and external factors where the companies are dealing with. Task 1.1 Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting organisations. The type of business I have chosen for the Mediamarkt and Hotel de Zon. At first I'll work out the Mediamarkt. The Mediamarkt If you go to the Mediamarkt you want to buy or just want to take a look at something like electric- or entertaining stuff or for example: you've gotten your wage and you really want that CD of Alicia Keys, so you go to the Mediamarkt and buy him. Product or service required Want or need that it satisfies To buy electric-/entertainment stuff For luxury/entertainment Primary, secondary or tertiary The Mediamarkt has stores everywhere in over the world, so the Mediamarkt is a international business. The Mediamarkt belongs to the tertiary sector, they sell the TVs, telephones, notebooks and entertaining stuff. They don't produce it or something else, that's why the Mediamarkt belong in the tertiary sector. ...read more.


Governments For subsidies you have to be at the governments, they'll take a look if you have any rights of these subsidies. Links and interdependencies When you're a big company you have to invest. This may be seen as a bad thing but those thinks can just turn out better then before. Task 2.2 Outline the rationale of the strategic aims and objectives of two contrasting Organisations. Use the outcome of 2.1 to fill in 2.2. Aims of the Mediamarkt * Make the most of profit as they can * Be the number one electronic shop Objectives of the Mediamarkt * To expend * To undercut the fares of rivals * To offer sales on much bought-stuff SMART In business a good set of objectives should be SMART. The term SMART stands for: * Specific * Measurable * Achievable * Realistic * Time related The SMART term and the Mediamarkt * They are specific, they want to be the number one electronic shop. * They are measurable, in the end of the year they can do a market research to see of the objective is get through. * They are achievable, they want to make more profit than last year so they are improving. * They are realistic, they have many shops and employers and employees. * They are related, they have shops all over the world. Aims of hotel de Zon * Make sure that they can offer the best accommodation and activities for their guests. * Want to be the best hotel in town. ...read more.


Much more easier and it's costless, but for shops like the Mediamarkt it's a bad thing: If people keep on downloading, Mediamarkt can stop sell CD and DVDs. Hotel de Zon External factor 1: Competition In Holland, there are at a rough estimate about 2200 hotels. With different stars and different target groups. This means there is a huge competition, but nowadays there are more people who want to make use of a hotel. For holidays but also just for a weekend or for work. External factor 2: Social There are lots of people who have interest in a hotel. And that number of people is rising fast. Hotel de Zon have to advertise, because else people don't even know it exist. There also come celebrities to hotel de Zon, so then a hotel can become attractive to other people. External factor 3: Political Of course laws affect to hotel de Zon. * There are Local traffic laws determine which roads suppliers are allowed to travel on when making deliveries. And these laws determine where vans and lorries are allowed to load and unload. * There are national laws which does have effect on hotel de Zon. For example: The working conditions of the employees has to be good. * There are international laws which have supremacy over national laws and are created by international bodies. For example: child labour is not allowed. Sources http://www.inretail.nl/img/mediamarkt.pdf http://www.mediamarkt.nl http://www.dezon.nl http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hotel http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mediamarkt BTEC national business book 1 || 2nd edition ?? ?? ?? ?? 13 Nadie Horsman 1IBS2 Unit 1: Exploring business activity ...read more.

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