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Exploring Creative Product Promotion. The aim of the campaign is to refurbish the clients caf into an Italian Coffee theme.

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Unit 9 Exploring Creative Product Promotion D1 Evaluating Our Promotional Campaign The aim of the campaign is to refurbish the client’s café into an “Italian Coffee” theme and to attract a rise in business people to come in for breakfast and lunch. We need to increase the amount of business people by 30% for the opening month, our budget is £2,000. We wanted to get as many business customers to the café as possible. In order to do this we developed advertisements geared towards the business end of the market. We offered Promotions such as: 1. Free business newspapers 2. Access to secure, reliable Wi-Fi 3. Business news displayed upon widescreen TV This would attract a large amount of business customers and the unique Café Crema club card will keep them coming back in order to receive bonuses for being a good customer. Looking at this decision after the campaign I can say that it was a good idea to promote these specific items as it really does relate to business people and will help to reach the aim of 30% rise in business people. ...read more.


When they engage more they will be more likely to come in the café and have something to eat or drink. 1. Logo The logo was developed on Adobe Photoshop software and displays a coffee cup with a brown swirl of coffee. It represents the company well and I feel that the whole feel of the company should come from the logo. The brown colour scheme that we chose is relative to the coffee café. The Italian theme that we were trying to go for within the aim could be incorporated more within the logo, maybe a flag on the cup or something like that so that customers know that we are an Italian coffee café. 1. Club card The club card was also designed on Adobe Photoshop and is good because it contains the same colour scheme as the logo and fits everything on it with nothing going over the edges. I feel that it is a good marketing tool and will keep customers coming back with promotional offers such as points that customers can exchange for coffee or food. ...read more.


Suggestions for improvement: If we had more time we could have: 1. Created a training plan that teaches your staff the basics of how to market your business to clients giving you a more solid in-house marketing team for the future. If we had a bigger budget we could have: 1. Advertised in more areas such as local websites, newspapers and local radio stations 1. Bought software and hardware to produce more in-depth advertisements such as bevel and emboss on fliers etc. 1. Developed the club card so that it was able to get topped up at major super markets Overall I feel that the campaign went well and that we were close to achieving the main aim. To improve we should have I think we should have done special promotions for breakfast and lunch as we stressed so much on business people that we forgot that we wanted more business in the breakfast and lunch period of business days. Having discounts at these times would increase the urge for customers to pop in and eat or drink without costing them too much. Unit 9 Exploring Creative Product Promotion D1 ...read more.

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