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Exploring Team Development

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Task 1 In an organisation teams play a key role in the success and motivation of a business. When working in a team you need to have different types of people to have different. A team must work together and motivate each other in order to achieve their goals; they must also recognise each others weaknesses and strengths to work on them so the team can progress. Teams must manage what work needs to be done and what roles each member has to take on. Teams frequently have a leader; they can be managers or supervisors. A team must respect each other and respect to their teams views and opinions. They must encourage each other to keep them focused on work. There are many different types of teams to suit what the company needs. One of them is a formal team; this is for a specific purpose. It is classed as an official team and is set up to do a formal task by the manager. Each team member will have a specific role e.g. in a sales team there would be a manager and co-ordinator. They also have rules which they must follow and each member would have a specific role. There is a disadvantage to this team, they might get board of having the same role and may want to do something new. An informal team develops in a less structured way e.g. a student team who are organising there school prom, this is much less professional than a formal team and has rules but not as strict as formal. They tend not to have a specific role but all have individual or group tasks to be complete. ...read more.


When I first get my team together and they meet for the first time, I would do an introduction plan so the team will get to know each other and start to feel more comfortable in their team. I would some exercise so that the members get to know each others names ant try and create a relaxed atmosphere and make them feel welcome. Once they know each other a little bit better, I will make it clear about what roles they will play and goals they need to achieve. I shall make the rules clear explain to them what type of a team I want them to be. I will make sure they understand the qualities of a team and that they all must support each other along the way. I think this is very important because they will have a good clear idea as to what they will be doing in the coming weeks and months. During the first week as a team leader I will be setting tasks for them and giving them deadline dates and make them well aware that they are a team. I will then give them each a role and what responsibilities they will have. I will give them training is giving to each team member that is necessary to them and ask them whether they understand the role. Once I have explained what they will be doing I as a team leader I am responsible for the team dynamics, I will tell them all to support each other. I will monitor the team's individual performance as well group performance. ...read more.


I must guide the through step by step of their goals and objectives. I have also chosen a plant so they can come up with new ideas and solve any problems the company or team members are having. If the company is in trouble the plant will help us overcome it. They will also take criticism on board and handle it well. Another role I have chosen is a shaper. As the team will be under pressure we will need some one who can cope with it, if the other team members see a person doing this they will think I can do it too. They like taking on challenges and I will be giving them many goals that need to be achieved for a deadline. I have chosen a monitor evaluator as they will be a sober and strategic character. They will find different options for obstacles the team come across. They will evaluate others ideas and judges accurately. They will bring a good strategic way of over coming difficult situations. I have also chosen a team worker because it will be good for the team as they are co-operative and will listen to other people and get along with everyone. When the team is down the team worker will bring them back together and create a nice atmosphere. Finally I will have a finisher as they will recognise any small errors which could be crucial in circumstances. They motivate the team when they are feeling down or lack drive. The work they produce has a high standard of quality. http://www.topachievement.com/smart ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC National Diploma in Business: Unit 19 - Exploring Team Development 1 ...read more.

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