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Impact on Automobile Industry Due To Recession in India

Extracts from this document...


A PROJECT REPORT ON RESEARCH METHODOLOGY ON "Impact on Automobile Industry Due To Recession in India" SUBMITTED BY: VIPUL R LOHIA MMS-I ROLL NO 28 SMT.K.G.MITTAL INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT I.T & RESEARCH MUMBAI UNIVERSITY 2008-2010 INDEX What is Recession? * Definition of Recession * Recession: The Newspaper Definition * Recession: The BCDC Definition What Is Recession? Economic Recession * Depression * The Difference Causes of economic recession Effects of economic recession Indian Automobile History Are recessions good for the economy? Automobile Industry * The Bajaj Group * Ford India * Hero Group * Mahindra & Mahindra Limited Car Manufacturers in India Major players in the Indian Car Industry: The latest developments in the car market in India: Technical advancements in the Indian Car Industry: The varied car markets in India: Vehicle Production in India * Current Scenario Overview * Snippets * Production of 4-Wheelers * Production of 2-Wheelers * Production Range of Auto Components Indian Automobile Industry Growth * Current Scenario * Overview * Snippets Facts & Figures * Indian Auto Market Growth for the year 2005-06 * Auto Component Market * Market Advantage Automobile Industry * Industry Overview * Snippets * Segment Knowhow * Miscellaneous * Cars by Price Range Industry Investment * Current Scenario * Overview * Snippets * Twin Advantages Auto Export India * Current Scenario * Overview * Snippets * Facts & Figures * Export of Auto Components * Analysis of Indian Exports * Export Imperatives > Internal Factors > External Factors Vehicle Distribution in India * Overview * Non-Transport Vehicles in States * Transport Vehicles in States * Non Transport Vehicles in Union Territories * Transport Vehicles in Union Territories Transport in State Transport in UT Non Transport Vehicle in Indian States Non Transport in UT Indian Auto Associations * Automobile Association of Upper India (AAUI) * Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) * Automobile Association of Southern India (AASI) ...read more.


They are usually priced over Rs. 20 lakh and have many takers in India. The recent launches in the premium car market in India and the luxury car market in India are: * Sonata Embera H-Matic by Hyundai Motor Co. * Nissan Teana by Nissan Motor Co. Ltd Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) have also become very popular in India as they are considered advantageous due to their ability to accommodate more passengers. They are ideal for trips with the whole family. The Sport Utility Vehicle market in India is the most booming market in India presently and SUVs have become the fastest selling cars of India. For more information on the India Car Industry, please search through the following links: * Small Car Market in India * Mid Size Car Market in India * Premium Car Market in India * Luxury Car Market in India * Sport Utility Vehicle Market in India Vehicle Production in India India is the 11th largest Passenger Cars producing countries in the world and 4th largest in Heavy Trucks Automobile Industry is the largest industry in India with an impressive growth in the last two decades. The reason behind the growth was abolition of licensing in 1991 and permitting automatic approval and successive liberalisation of the sector. According to estimation the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of Indian Automobile sales will grow at 9.5% and will touch a mark of 13,008 million by 2010. The figure for FY05 was 8.45 million units. To tap this large opportunity, the Indian Auto Companies along with the global giants have announced huge expansion plans. Maruti Udyog Ltd. was the largest 4-Wheelers producer in 2005-06 followed by Tata Motors. Hyundai did well but the difference was nearly half of Tata Motors. In 2-Wheelres segment, Hero Honda is leading putting behind Bajaj Auto Ltd. Check the table below to get complete figure. Current Scenario * The growth rate of Passenger Cars in 2004 was 30% in India where as the average growth rate of top 12 Passenger Cars producing countries were just 5.1%. ...read more.


Automobile association looks after the different phase of automobile industry. Some checks the wellness of automobile associates in different regions where as other keeps the auto component industry healthy. Following are the contact details of few automobile associations in India. Automobile Association of Upper India (AAUI) C-8 Institutional Area South of IIT, New Delhi - 110016 Tel.: + (91)-(11)-26965397, 26852052, 26611034, 26852032 Fax: + (91)-(11)-26866302 E-mail: aauindia@del3.vsnl.net.in, aaprsect@vsnl.com Website: www.aaui.org Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) Affiliated to Min. of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprise, Govt. of India Regd. Office S. No. 102, Vetal Hill, Off Paud Rd., Kothrud Pune- 411038, (Maharashtra), India Postal Address P.O. Box No. 832 Pune-411004, India Tel.: + (91)-(20)-25431284 Fax: + (91)-(20)-25434190 E-mail: director@araiindia.com Website: www.araiindia.com Automobile Association of Southern India (AASI) AASI Centre, 187, Anna Salai Post Box No. 729, Chennai 600 006 Tel.: + (91)-(44)-28521162, 28524061 Fax: + (91)-(44)-28511548 E-mail: aasi40@hotmail.com, aasi40@yahoo.com Website: www.aasindia.in Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) Core 4-B, 5th Floor, India Habitat Centre Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110 003 Tel.: + (91)-(11)-24647810 -12 Fax: + (91)-(11)-24648222 E-mail: siam@siam.in Website: www.siamindia.com Western India Automobile Association Lalji Naranji Memorial Bldg. 76, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate Mumbai - 400 020 Tel.: + (91)-(22)-22041085, 22880407, 22047032, 22041271 Fax: + (91)-(22)-22041382 E-mail: wiaa@hathway.com, wiaa@vsnl.net Website: www.wiaaindia.com Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) 6th Floor The Capital Court Ol of Palme Marg, Munirka New Delhi 110 067 Tel.: + (91)-(11)-2660315, 26175873, 26184479 Fax: + (91)-(11)-26160317 E-mail: acma@vsnl.com, acma@vsnl.net Website: www.acmainfo.com MARVARI VIDYALAYA SANCHALIT (Approved by Govt. of Maharashtra and AICTE, New Delhi) Affiliated to UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI ______________________________________________________________________________ Bhandarwada, Malad-(west), Mumbai-400 064. Tel.: 28831674 / 28831787 Ref. No.______________ Date: CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Mr. Vipul R. Lohia , Roll no. 28 have submitted this project report entitled "Impact on Automobile Industry due to recession In India" in fulfillment of the requirements for the II-semester of M.M.S(Master of Management Studies) course during the academic year 2008-2010. Teacher I/C/Guide Director Signature (Intern Examiner) Date: ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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