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For my Coursework I have looked at how Steve Edwards at Airbus UK uses paper-based database systems and computerized systems to handle his data.

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G.C.S.E Business Coursework Report For my Coursework I have looked at how Steve Edwards at Airbus UK uses paper-based database systems and computerized systems to handle his data. I choose Airbus as they are a large worldwide company. Airbus is also a local company with alot of departments, which means they would use many different systems. Steve Edwards organizes work experience placements for pupils at Airbus UK. 80% of his workload is organizing work experience and liasing with schools. I have looked at how he uses it to store information from application forms. When a pupil applies for a work experience placement in Airbus UK, they get in touch with Steve Edward's and he sends them a pack, this includes an application form. When the pupil completes the application form and it is returned, he then needs to store this information. For my coursework I am looking at whether it is better for Steve Edward's to store this information using a manual paper-based system such as a filing cabinet or electronically using a computerised system. Firstly, I created our own questionnaire for Steve Edwards containing questions about manual and electronical systems. I thought about the kind of things Steve Edward's would need to store information for. I thought that asking these questions would give me a better understanding of data handling. I created questions asking about electronic and paper-based systems, also about how he kept their data secure. I got ideas from when Steve Edwards came to visit our school to talk to us about data handling and gathering. I paired up with Amy Broadbent and we decided on the best questions to send to Airbus UK. I input the questions onto the computer using Microsoft word in the form of a questionnaire. When he and many other departments respond to our questionnaire Steve Edwards and his colleagues will have filled it in and sent the responses back to us to give us a better idea of which system is more effective and efficient. ...read more.


Firstly I select the field I would like to filter from the drop down box under 'Field Name'. For this filter I selected the gender field. I then select my 'Comparison' from the drop down box. Such as 'is equal to', 'is greater than', 'is less than or equal to' etc. For this filter I selected 'is equal to'. In the 'Compare to' box you write the word you are filtering for. Such as 'Female'. I then left click the 'Apply Filter' button. I then preformed a filter to show the applicants from the Holywell area who were starting work experience from 06/07/2004. I used this filter as I thought Airbus would be able to provide transport for the applicants. If they decided to do this it would help people in the same area doing work experience at the same time transport may be arranged. The last filter I performed was to show applicants who were placed in design, doing 1 week of work experience and are under the age of 16. Filters are easy to use and very effective. Using a filter I could find any information from my database very quickly. It would take me a lot longer to search through the database manually looking for a record. Also the information in a filing cabinet is in order by just one criteria, for example surnames in alphabetical order. If you wanted to find out people or a certain age, or that live in a certain town, you would have to search manually for a long time. This wastes company time and resources. Where as using a filter I can search for as many as 5 different pieces of information in one filter. I printed off a copy after everything I did. The great advantage to using a database is that I have all my information in separate fields so it is easy to find. ...read more.


I was able to insert graphs, images, pictures, bullet points into my presentation. I could also alter the colour and font to make my presentation look more appealing. The slides are then viewed in a slideshow. You can alter the time spent on each slide, either click to the next slide manually or set a timer so the computer does it itself. You can also control the way the information appears on the slide..... I was very pleased with the results. Using PowerPoint presentation software allowed me to make an informative, striking presentation with minimal amount of fuss. I would defiantly recommend the use of PowerPoint presentation software to a business or company. It is much better than the standard stand-up flip chart presentation or using an overhead projector. It is much easier to prepare and saves alot of time. Using PowerPoint is very good for the environment as usually in a presentation alot of paper is used. There is very little manual work to be done. With a presentation using an over head projector, you have to switch the sheets for each new page, with a flip chart you have to turn the paper, there is also talking to be done. With PowerPoint, the slides can be changed by the click of a button and u can even set a timer. The PowerPoint software is easy to use and looks very professional. When I received my completed questionnaires from Steve Edwards and his colleagues, I put some of the information into a tally chart. I chose six fields: Used Computerised, Used Manual, Preferred Computerised. Preferred Manual, Wanted Computerised Improvements and Wanted Manual Improvements. I drew up a graph to show those who used Computerised systems compared to those who do not. The graph clearly showed me that computerised systems are much preferred. I made my graph by hand, but also created a few different ones using the computer. I used two different programs, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Works. I found Works more professional looking. I also made a graph comparing what system was preferred and whether improvements were wanted. Nicky Wright ...read more.

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