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For my GCSE coursework I have been asked to write a report about how I intend to investigate a retail business moving to the area.

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My Report For my GCSE coursework I have been asked to write a report about how I intend to investigate a retail business moving to the area. I intend to market a clothes shop. My business will sell a variety of clothes and its products will be aimed at the members of the public. In order to do this I will need to complete a number of tasks which include researching, conducting questionnaires, arranging a meeting to speak to the competitors. Once I have done this I will use the information I have gained to write up the marketing plan and use the marketing plan. I will also need to think about the factors which may affect the success of my marketing campaign such as social, environmental and economical factors. Examples of this might be pollution, waste, jobs Finally I will write up my marketing plan in to as much detail as I can within the 1500 words. Aims 1. To find out from the public whether there is any interest in setting up a new clothes shop in Amersham. 2. To find out the cost of using different advertising and promotion methods. 3. To find out what my main competitor sells and what prices they charge. ...read more.


Weaknesses * Not that well known This is one of our downfalls because if we are not well know then not many people will know about the business so we will need to do well in advertising the business. * Doesn't have a high amount of customers in its database The reason is because of the above so good advertising to let people know we are here then the business should improve. Market research Market research involves collecting, recording and analysing information about consumers by studying statistics and reports and gathering new data by surveys of individuals or groups. There are two types of data, these are: 1. Primary data (field research) 2. Secondary research (desk research) Primary data or field research as it is sometimes referred to, involves the collection of first hand information which could be about a firm's products, advertising, promotions, pricing distribution or competition. Secondary data or desk research is information which already exists due to other people's research. It can be found: * Internally - Within the business i.e. business records e.g. accounts customer complaints and feedback from sales representatives reports. * Externally - outside the business i.e. published by someone else e.g. ...read more.


This shows us that more people shop in Walton's Clothing so that means that it is my main competitor in Amersham. This shows me how often people shop at my main competitor. This shows me that people are mostly interested in % discounts. This shows me that people are mostly interested in flyers. This shows me that people want clothes that have a variety of sizes. Asked if Amersham will benefit from this clothes shop they said yes. So from this Marketing Mix Marketing mix can also be called the 4 P's because it stands for: P roduct The business must come up with a product that people will want to buy. It must fulfil some of the customer's needs or wants. P rice The price must be one that the customer thinks is good value for money. This is not the same as being cheap. P romotion The product must be promoted so that potential customers are aware that it exists. P lace The product must be available for sale in a place that the customer will find convenient. I it gets only one of them wrong then they are in trouble. The product will fail. So with this in mind I have to be careful in how I set to go around this because if I get something wrong then my business will fail. ...read more.

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