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"Fresh Brew" is a new retail outlet, which is on the verge of setting up in Dubai - The coffee shop would deal with various varieties of coffee and confectionery's.

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"Fresh Brew" is a new retail outlet, which is on the verge of setting up in Dubai. The coffee shop would deal with various varieties of coffee and confectionery's. The coffee shop will be owned by John Samuel in partnership with a local. I've been hired by Mr. Samuel to draw up a marketing plan in order to make the new venture a success. The coffee shop would employee around ten people, six waiters, 2 people brewing the coffee, a cashier and a cleaner for cleaning up the place. The customers will be offered a lot of varieties of coffee flavors to choose from such as, Espresso, Latte, Malts, Cappuccino, Mocha, Iced Eskimo, Arabian Heights, Tropical Iceberg, Frappicino and Fresh Brew Ice Blended. ...read more.


As parking space is readily available for people, customers will be entitled to visit the coffee shop. The main objective of the business will be survival as to earn profits and a reputation the business initially needs to survive. Initially the objective of the business will be survival and providing a service but as the business progresses its objective will be to make high profits. Since the main objective of the business is survival it will have to make the coffees and confectionary items affordable for the people as to target a wider market. Procedure.. Action Plan.. In order to ensure that the business is a success I have strategically devised a plan of action, which is as follows: Task 1 Plan Of Action In order to guarantee the success of a business my first task is to draw up an action plan. ...read more.


I think that the coffee shop will be targeted to teenagers, businessmen, and families. Since the coffee shop will be catering to mostly everyone's needs in the market so we can segment the target audience on the bases of lifestyle, income groups and uses of the product. I will need to prepare a questionnaire in order to identify the target audience so that I can target the promotions and activities to the specific target market segment. 3) I will have to identify the media to be used in order to promote the outlet. I feel that the media that would be most appropriate for this outlet would be radios, newspapers and leaflets. 4) Lastly, I will investigate and access what my competitors offer. In doing so I can measure their strengths while eliminating all my weaknesses and simultaneously capitalizing on the outlets strengths. ...read more.

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