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functional areas in a business

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Functional Areas Within Businesses Every organisation must be sure about what they are capable of doing. In this case the functional areas of the organisation helps marketers meet their objectives. Functional areas of an organisation are usually made up of eight vital factors which are: finance, marketing, customer service, operations/productions, research and development, quality assurance, human resources and administration/IT. Functional areas are very important because this is what the organisation relies on as all these departments link up although they all have their own individual tasks to do, however it is all work towards the same objective. This is a process called Departmentalisation. Although they are separate departments that work on the same objective, it still means they have to work closely together so that they can meet customer needs. However the functional areas in all business vary depending on what they produce, who their target audiences are and so on. Diagram of the main Functional Areas Marketing The marketing department has a responsibility of making sure that what ever is being produced meets the consumer's requirements suitably because you cannot just offer a product to a consumer for ridiculous prices so in other words the marketing department make sure that the product meets the consumer's needs at reasonable and profitable prices. ...read more.


This is why customer services is one of the most vital departments in an organisation because they are basically the ones who link customers up to the organisation by taking in all their feedback which is very important because it can help the business meet customer needs by improving their products and services. The finance department set customer services a budget that enables it to undertake a range of activities focused upon customer needs. Production/Operations Production involves activities necessary to produce good products and service that satisfies customers. Production has to ensure that goods are of good quality and operations have to ensure that goods are delivered on time. Research and development are also involved in production. Research and development can be expensive because research costs money and as you're researching the company is not making income from the idea for example Nike and Adidas are competitors and invest millions of pounds into ideas. Nike and Adidas are in a highly lucrative sports market because sporting brands are very popular because people are willing to pay money for their brands. Research and development need considerable backing from the finance department to make sure the product is of good quality and standard. Research and development need to work with operations to find out whether the new product is easy to manufacture and are of an efficient price for customers so it can meet their needs and requirements. ...read more.


Car companies such as 'BMW'. Also some large organisations use it in deliveries e.g. Argos, the forms of the house address and name of the customer and it is then transferred to the warehouse where they keep certain times and then it is delivered to the customer's house. Using this technology as a primary filing system can also be a down fall e.g. If their systems shut down and are not able to be accessed then they will not be able to send them to customers homes on time and this will not meet customers needs, this may also drive customers to other shops. In organisation they also use information and communication technology to link functional areas and they are linked in more then one way in all organisations e.g. They may all be accessing the same systems and be able to see what orders are on the order book and how that relates to operational needs over the next few weeks. For human resources this might mean employing more people and having their applications on the system and seeing how there interviews went and how they are qualified and see is they're the best for the job; for operations it may include using CAD/CAM to design products can meet customers needs; and for quality assurance it might mean looking at producers that help operations produce larger batch runs with greater efficiently and with greater quality. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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