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Functional areas of business.

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Functional areas Nearly all businesses have functional areas within their firms. Functional area means how a certain type of business operates inside or outside their business, for e.g. how does the firm deal with the stuff like human resources, which comprises things like health and safety or organisation development, personal operations etc... human resource strategy demands that an organisation should manage its employees in a way which is consistent with the objectives of the whole business. Its purpose is to establish competitive advantage. The HR department would take decisions without considering what its actions mean for the rest of the business. The Human Resources Department (HR) controls employees and makes sure laws and health and safety matters are taken into account. They manage training for new staff and manage employee performance by make sure that workers are happy and motivated. If employees are not, then the HR supports them and takes into account their circumstances. Without HR, employees who are not happy would not have anyone to look into their matter, which makes them unmotivated. If the employees are not motivated, they will not put 100% in giving customers satisfying service, which will lead to fewer costumers meaning that their will be lower profit made. This means the objective of making profit will not be met. This diagram shows the organisation structure: These are the job titles of some of the Argos ltd Human resources departments which ensure that all objectives are met thoroughly: * Health safety must be required by every different type of business. Argos just does that. This department makes sure that the business accomplishes both its moral and legal obligations towards health and safety. ...read more.


A 'tight and easy' credit policy may be adapted. Tight credit terms may be used to improve liquidity. Liquidity includes thing like, risk of bad debts, exploit or seller markets, and maintain slender profit margins. Liquidity is just a term which changes assets into cash. The company's accountant managers and sales manager work closely with the credit controller because the credit policy could also affect the firm and the sales if anything goes wrong. The credit controller keeps track of bad debts occurring in the business or the time it takes to collect certain amount of debts. Last year in 2003, Argos ltd had �1803 million amount of debtors and nearly about more than five hundred thousand of the debtors were classified has bad debts because they might have been bank cropped or their position in the market might has gone down. To help the credit controller to keep track of money coming in or going out, Finance department have provided him with some producers which find relevant information about a supplier (e.g. supplier's bank details) or the supplier performance in the market. Knowing this information is important because it lets the credit controller know if the certain supplier can payback the stock he bought from Argos or not. Credit controller must let the managers know every bit of the financial information by keeping the trail on the money. It is obvious that the business has performed well because this will also raise their profits or make the company popular. Payroll clerk is another important person of finance department. A payroll is a list of employees with their wages or salaries and a clerk is a financial director (David Tyler) ...read more.


The marketing director has to be aware of how the stuff is being publishing because if the product isn't successful, the firm can be at a position where the losses on sales can happen. The marketing director will also look at the information collected by the marketing director to take it has a competitive advantage on a any cases. By considering the marketing mix of the products, the firm can be a position to fulfil their marketing objectives. This may include the business raise the Argos ltd sales or the operating profit margin. Effective promotion gets under way all the time to keep customers interested in Argos ltd products. Flyers are published on special events through out the year, such as Valentines Day, mother's day, and Easter. Point-of-sale and internet sites are also used to let shoppers know what is happening at Argos. Not long ago, the launch of the new Argos advertising promotion, starring Julia Sawalha and Richard E Grant, increased the awareness of new Argos catalogue. It also increased its purchasing rate and improved awareness of the Argos brands. The combination of stores, catalogues, websites and home delivery options makes possible for the customers to choose the shopping experience that suits their particular lifestyle. The marketing director said that "Argos is one of Britain's best kept secrets and this advertising is going to engage a whole new audience with the brand". This advertisement was also successful because they won the marketing campaign year at the retail awards 2003. Doing these promotions is important to attract consumers with their kind of services and also persuade them to buy their products. Argos has several competitive advantages in it's: * Purchasing scale * several brands * various channels ...read more.

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