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GCSE Applied Business Studies

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GCSE Applied Business Studies Unit 1- Investigating Business Assignment Introduction For my investigation I have chosen two contrasting businesses, one is Richer Sounds who specialise in electronics such as Televisions, Videos, cameras etc. They are a unlisted public limited company (plc), which means their not listed in the stock exchange, it also means that they have no shareholders. They are located within the UK, but their stores are based in busy areas so that they have a good trade pass, such as the store which is located in central London, which is the first store that Richer Sounds opened. Their activities are carried out through the internet, by mail order or direct form their stores. Their annual turn over is �100 million. "They think that their customers are so important that they give coffee for free." My second business is Sainsbury who specialise in mainly food products. Sainsbury's do sell non food related products as well. They are a plc company that also carries out their activities through the internet, telephone and their saver centres. Sainsbury are located internationally which means they have a really good trade pass. RICHER SOUNDS AIMS & OBJECTIVES Richer Sounds aims are to provide not just outstanding service or value for money, but both at the same time. They don't want customers accepting poor service just because the product their purchasing is outstanding in anyway. They want to be a profitable company to ensure a long term growth and survival. At Richer Sounds they ensure to keep their staff hardworking they do this by paying staff good money and by paying them on time. Staff that make extra effort are rewarded by many different benefits and bonus schemes that Richer Sounds have on offer. At Richer Sounds they have codes of practice to ensure that there is no harassment or discrimination in any way, this will make staff feel more safe and secure. ...read more.


Point of sale (POS) is another activity, people working here are responsible for the way the store looks, it is their job to put in fittings, flooring and fixtures etc. The POS has to make sure that advertisements from the design are shown in all their stores. The Firth department is administration and IT support. This department's tasks are to file documents make sure that correct files are in their correct places, photocopy and document production. The IT supports main responsibilities are to make sure that the current systems are up to date and are working properly and to make sure that users know how to use it. Their other responsibility is to plan for future developments, keep in track of how the systems are changing, so that the company doesn't end up with an out of date system. The sixth department is the Customer Service department. They are responsible for queries and repairs that customers might have. Richer Sounds customer service has many features such as smart and friendly staff that are trained to solve problems quickly and efficiently. They have a national call centre where they deal with technical problems and general queries over the phone with customers. They have a repairs section for faulty goods, where a trained engineer carries out a repair for goods that aren't working properly. Richer Sounds has different schemes such as a part exchange, where a person can come in and exchange one of their old goods for cash or another good and there is a free delivery scheme for disabled people, where the delivery is done free of charge by the store. The Seventh Department is the store operations. They are responsible for setting budgets for each of the stores, they organise store visits, so that they can check on the stores to see how well they are doing, Decide how many people should be employed at each store and to check that all the stores meet their aims. All the stores have sales target. ...read more.


They are also monitored by stock wise to produce as less waste as possible. Recyclable products such as plastic or cardboard will not be thrown away but recycled so that it could be used again. Sainsbury's have been recycling since the 1980s. To make sure that the recycling scheme continues they set a target in each store to make sure that the company continues to recycle goods that could be used again. So it shows here that as well as Richer Sounds, Sainsbury's also have really good ways to stop too much pollution from occurring. CONCLUSION In conclusion Sainsbury's is a very large company who are in the market to make a profit and to please customers. Sainsbury's is second in the market share; it is behind Tesco which is in the number one spot, Sainsbury's are working very hard to increase their market share by becoming a very popular company in the UK where millions of people shop at every single day. One of the reasons people shop at Sainsbury is because one of its main objectives is to please the customer, by concentrating on the customer's wants and needs so that people decide to come back to Sainsbury and spend their money. Richer Sounds is a public limited company, unlisted from the stock exchange and they are smaller than Sainsbury's, they have fewer stores in the UK than Sainsbury do. Richer Sounds operate in the tertiary sector which means they only sell products, because the products aren't their own brand they have to give money to the manufacturers and the producers. Whereas Sainsbury operate in both secondary and tertiary sectors, which means they get more money than Richer Sounds from selling goods. My view is that Sainsbury are bigger and better than Richer Sounds, one of the main reason is because they specialise in goods that people need in everyday life, whereas Richer Sounds sell goods that people will desire to buy but don't really require it. ABU NASIR 11C CENTER NUMBER: 10410 CANDIDATE NUMBER: 3358 1 ...read more.

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