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GCSE Business Studies Coursework Year 10- Mini Project-My own Business My Business is going to be a mountain bike shop. I have decided to name the shop "Mo's

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GCSE Business Studies Coursework Year 10- Mini Project-My own Business My Business is going to be a mountain bike shop. I have decided to name the shop "Mo's Mountain Bikes" The shop logo is; I am calling my business this as it is a catchy name, and the logo is very eye-catching, and could potentially attract potential customers. I have reached the decision that my business will be a sole-trader as I would like to have total responsibility over the business and my employers. I would be prepared to take the risks of full liability. The advantages of a sole-trader are the following; Total responsibilities over employers * I would decide what stock etc that I would buy * I decide where the profits ...read more.


* I would have a lot of paperwork to fill out. * I have to pay VAT on top of all products whereas primary and secondary sector businesses can claim it back. My Business would be in the tertiary sector as I will be selling the complete product. There will be various job roles within my business. I will be the manager. My job role will be too overlook the running of the business and make sure it is running smoothly. I will also be in charge of what products need to be ordered, and I will have control over all the other employers. There would be a mechanic who would take out all the repairs and upgrades to the bikes in the shop. ...read more.


I will not sell an individual product as such, but I would like to specialize in wheels and brakes. I will use a variety of manufacturers to in order to create the correct wheel for each particular customer. I will advertise my product in a vast range of forms, which may include; various mountain bike magazines, mountain bike related web-sites and in local papers. I would ideally hope to sell my products to a range of people from amateur cyclists to professional cyclists. I will locate my business as close as possible to the centre of Cardiff, as this city is lacking in a decent bike shop. However, there is already two in Cardiff, although none of them offer a wide range of bicycles and services; they just sell very cheap basic bikes that are often very unreliable and impossible to upgrade. ...read more.

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