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general overview alpen research

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1. Situation Analysis: Where is Alpen now? 1.1 General Overview 1.1.1 The Weetabix Food Company Since 1932, the owner of the Alpen brand, The Weetabix Food Company, has been manufacturing and supplying breakfast cereal products in Great Britain. Over the years, The Weetabix Food Company has placed some of its brands/products at number one positions in the markets in which it operates: Weetabix, Ready Brek and Alpen muesli. The Weetabix Food Company is manufacturer of a range of brands exported to more than eighty countries around the world: Crunchy Bran, Oatibix, Ready Brek, Seriously Oaty, Weetabix, Weetabix Disney, Weetaflakes, Weetos and Alpen. In addition, The Company has factories in Great- Britain at Corby, Ashton under Lyne and Hastings. "At its head office and factory in Burton Latimer, the development and research division develop new cereals to meet changing customer needs." ("Industry's best", "Weetabix", 2005, para.8) This process has resulted in a reputation for producing food which is safe and of an excellent quality. Nowadays, The Weetabix Food Company is the second-largest cereal manufacturer in the United Kingdom with a 16% share of the market, valued at �179 (_269) million. In the year 2003, the US private equity group Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst acquired Weetabix Ltd. for "�642 (_963) million". (Breakfast Cereals - UK -, 2004, p.33) The European branch of this company, Lion Capital LLP, has taken over Weetabix Ltd. ...read more.


("Checkout", 2003, para. 2) Furthermore, the colors utilised on the packages of Alpen are principally the colors blue, white and green. Besides these three (main) colors, Alpen also uses the colour that represents the (main) ingredient manufactured in the specific cereal bar. For instance, the package of Alpen Strawberry & Yogurt has, besides the three main colours, the red colour as well, which represents the strawberry. The packages of the Alpen Light bars are using bright colors in order to emphasize it concerns a Light product. By picturing white mountains, a clear blue sky and a green pasture on the Alpen package, the consumer gets a fresh, natural, healthy, relaxed and pure notion of the Alpen brand. This - Promotion of Alpen cereal bars in The Netherlands - - 7 - idea (really representing the Alpen mountains) perfectly fits the image of how Alpen brand establishes itself as a pure, lively and healthy brand. According to Schiffman (2007) by knowing the perceived gender of a product or a specific brand, marketers are in a better position to select visuals and text copy for various marketing messages. (p.135) As Alpen is presenting women in their advertisements, it makes clear it targets on females. In other words, Alpen will attract women who are similar to their personality. If Alpen was a person it would be: a pure, active and modern woman who pays attention to the quality of life and enjoys living. ...read more.


2005 2006 Growth Regular biscuits 56 53 -5.4% Rest biscuits 116 110 -5.2% Snacks, Nutritionals 148 159 7.4% Biscuits 157 158 0.6% Almond pastry filled 209 217 -3.8% Small cakes 48 47 -2.1% Honey bread 86 97 12.8% Cake 38 37 -2.6% Seasonal almond pastry 61 59 -3.3% Total 919 937 2% Shares of Segments Biscuits; 16,9% Snacks, Nutritionals; 17,0% Almond pastry; 23,2% Cake; 3,9% Rest biscuits, Small waffles; 11,7% Regular biscuits; 5,7% Seasonal almond pastry; 6,3% Small cakes; 5,0% Honey bread; 10,4% Figure 1: Study Centre of Snacks and Sweets Benelux, 2006 - Promotion of Alpen cereal bars in The Netherlands - - 9 - - Prospects of the Dutch snack market Recent study of the Rabobank (2007) has predicted the following trends, threats and opportunities concerning the Dutch snack market for the year 2007. I. "The A-brands set the standard on the market, however, the pressure from own-label brands on the A-brands grows. II. Consumers want ease, comfort and luxury. III. Consumers pay more attention to their health. IV. Continuing awareness for product innovations. Meaning packaging (colour) and quality (taste, ingredients) V. Internationalization due to reaction of the buying power of retail. - Threats & Opportunities I. Product improvements and innovations offer opportunities to increase turnover. II. The increasing attention to health offers opportunities for innovating new products. On the other hand the discussion concerning overweight could restrain the demand of existing products. III. The supermarkets have great market power. This causes discussions concerning shelf space and margin pressure." (p.1-2) ...read more.

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