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Give a Brief Account of Different Characteristics of Short-Term Memory, Long-Term Memory and Evaluat

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Give a Brief Account of Different Characteristics of Short-Term Memory, Long-Term Memory and Evaluate Research That Demonstrates These Differences. A memory in short-term memory (STM) does not last long, the duration is limited. It cannot hold a lot of information. The information it deals with is the immediate past and can only be held for a short period of time without rehearsal. The information tends do be encoded acoustically most of the time. Long-term memory (LTM) deals with information from the distant past. It can hold information, theoretically, from two minutes to last the whole of the person's life. ...read more.


The criticism in this was that STM uses other ways to encode information. Visual images, such as faces would be hard to encode in STM by means of sound. In the LTM study, the list that was worse recalled was the semantically similar words. This showed that LTM tends to encode information on a semantic basis. The criticisms of the study show that information cannot be stored only on a semantic basis as there are different types of LTM. For example, learning a song in the LTM would have to be done on an acoustic basis. ...read more.


It can also be lost because of distraction, such as the counting task in the Peterson and Peterson experiment. Therefore the duration of STM is very short when rehearsal is prevented. The duration of LTM studied by Bahrick et al. showed a real life situation where the information recalled was of personal significance. The experiment consisted of three tests. Recognition of names and photos was more successful that the free recall. This tells us that the recognition test jogs the memory of the information, some of which is not always easy to access. The information recalled 57 years after graduation showed that the information was stored in LTM, even though there is some loss over the time. Therefore the duration of LTM can be very long. Mahvish Mamsa ...read more.

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