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Global Public Relations Trends

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Greg Wessel Aaugust 22, 2004 Global Public Relations Trends PR as we know it is taking on new trends and PR practitioners are taking on a new meaning. In order to meet the current needs and demands of the global market, PR is venturing off into different specialties. On a greater scale, technology is also related to the global trend in the PR arena. Back in the day, PR specialist focused on communicating the right message to the public. While that is still true, a more methodical approach is used today. PR professionals are becoming strategist with a business edge. The old method of practicing PR is changing rapidly. The new PR trend focuses on counsel and research. PR covers many facets in business and in our lives. With this in mind, people interoperate it differently. By having a more specialized profession under the PR umbrella, organizations and people will rep the benefits of a situation or issue (newsroom thesis). Some of the specialized areas with PR professionals include issue management, public affairs, investor relations, employee communication and event management. ...read more.


The poor owner had no PR person. A similar occurrence happened at Duncan Donuts. Employees at the New Jersey location were clapping and happy about the 9-11 events and an e-mail was generated. PR officials discovered that the e-mail was false and generated a correction to all receiving participants of the e-mail. Hence, the problem was resolved. They had a PR representative (snopes.com). Investing organizations interact globally by means of live web conferences, chats. This allows everyone to become involved immediately while providing instant feed back. Websites adds as another avenue for companies to except customer complaints or concerns and view concurrent information on their business. For instance, perspective students can view college campuses without leaving their living rooms (newsroom thesis). . It is greatly recognized in today's society that publicity has more impact on people then advertising. People are overwhelmed with advertising everyday. People see advertising plastered on billboards, commercials and magazine ads. Consumers have learned to ignore them. They just don't present good credibility anymore. Advertising companies are wasting money. Publicity is part of the era. ...read more.


In fact, the employee argued with the patient refusing any form accommodation. This was bad PR from the employee and projected a negative tone in customer service. After the episode, I quickly approached management with the issue and voiced my concerns. I stressed that giving twenty dollars back to the patient is saving face and creating good relations. It was not the patient's fault that the doctor was running late. I mentioned by ignoring the frustrations of the patient, we as health care professionals are not validating the needs of the patient or taking responsibility of ore own actions. A policy was enforced based on this incident. Patients that wait more then thirty minutes are able to receive a refund on their co-pay, if the doctor is running behind. The physician must sign off on the registration form granting approval. We as health care professionals, now have the ability and flexibility to make decisions that benefit the patient. PR is like the cornflakes without the milk. Without PR in our businesses and in our daily lives, information and communication will become soggy and the taste of life will weaken. The changing global trends in PR have helped our society survive in a culturally diverse market bridging relations locally and around the world. ...read more.

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