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GNVQ Intermediate Business Customer Service Assessment One.

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Introduction I have been set an assessment for customer service which involves studying how customer service deals with complaints. The business I would be studying will be Safeway. I will study how Safeway's customer service meets the customer's benefit and how Safeway show's a high quality of standard of service. I will also include a clear explanation of why customer service is important to the organisation also an analysis of poor customer service for the organisation. Task 1 Customer service is very important to Safeway's because it's a service provided to customer which they could get information from. Safeway has a customer service desk in all of its branches; this is to help the customers with any problems e.g. dealing with complaints or refunds. Having a customer service desk at Safeway gives an image of Safeway being helpful to customers. Employee's responsibilities to provide good customer service The employees at the customer service desk have a lot of responsibility so they could provide good customer service; these include employees being on time for work, making sure they are organised all the time when they are at work, making sure they had all the training courses within the organisation, employees need to have good product knowledge so they know what they are talking about when dealing with complaints or selling products, employees has to have good communication and listening skills which they would need when passing no messages, telephoning someone, sending an email, getting the message across or making sure that they understand customers needs. All of these are going to be needed to provide good customer service at Safeway's. The benefits of having satisfied customers at Safeway's 1) Satisfied customers - when customers are satisfied they would come back to shop again and this would lead to an increase sales 2) When sales increase more profit would be made and some employees could get an increase in their pay. ...read more.


Here is a list of some of Safeway's strong areas but also I m giving suggestions for improvements: * Value for money - Safeway's is very cheap when it comes to its goods. Safeway's provides mulitpacks, special offers on certain products, discount and most of all their pricing strategies are best value they price their products so customers can think that they are getting more on what they spend on so they would be happy shopping at Safeway's. * Different rang of products & quality - Safeway's has a variety of different rang of stock; they are now stocking international products like Turkish, Greek/Cyprus because the majority of different race is increasing rapidly, using this method is giving Safeway's a very good image but this might not work all the time because most Turkish people go to places e.g. Haringey to buy their Turkish products and could be much more cheaper. So it best for Safeway's to keep the Turkish section small and this goes out to all other national food. * Checkouts - Safeway's checkouts are very organised because there are a lot of them near the exit so when customers buy their shopping they can leave easily and they also have lower checkouts for disabled people too. This is very important for Safeway's because if customers don't feel comfortable at the checkouts they could leave but Safeway's should improve it by making more space when there are que's because it really hard to pass through if you have to get through them. * Method of payment - Safeway method of payments are credit card, debit/solo card and cheque these are all expectable in all supermarkets but Safeway also provides a re-drawn service this is a service that allows you to take out some cash from your account. Safeway also has their own store card with this customers can earn points and customers don't have to pay using their cash or debits cards all they have to do is pay it off during a cretin length of time. ...read more.


there's 1000 cans of bens in total but when 900 of them are brought there's 100 left so he system automatically order another 1000 tins of bake bens. Access to the building and services Safeway's has a few types of access to their stores e.g. - car park, this will attract more customers to shop at Safeway because they would not have to worry about where to park when they arrive there but not all the time there are spaces to park your car this is because some people park their car so they could shop around the local area for Safeway to overcome this problem they should issue a ticket when you go in their to park your car and the ticket should be only for two hours -Lifts, are very important to because most car parks are two floor so customers could take their shopping easier up to the second floor. Disable people could use it too it they can't walk up stairs -Caf� coffee shop, after shopping some of the customers are going to a bit tired so they might go in to the caf� to have a cup of coffee and even better is Safeway could do an offer (if you spend over �20 you could get a free cup of coffee) -Children pen, for busy mothers shopping they could leave their children in a little area with a few trusted adults looking after them while you as a customer could shop more easier and quicker. -Toilets, is could be a good way for customer to stay longer at Safeway because they could spend more money. Safeway If Safeway improves these issues they will be a bigger and better company. Safeway should not forget that the most important thing in a business is a customer that will keep the business running. Safe's jobs is to treat their customer the way they will like to be treated. ...read more.

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