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Gossip: Mere words or made up reality?

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Melani Sharna Canaii 2134659 3rd year student PLM 3100 Media Ecologies: Gossip: Mere words or made up reality? In order to understand how a cultural virus works I have depicted the area of gossip as being an easily track-able source of information, which in turn connects individuals with information, within a media oriented field. The concept behind gossip is that a fraction of the truth is built up and speculated around a number of ideas, which the truth could be thought up as being, by this I mean one individual can state a fact to one other person, but as the fact begins to spread further within a community or society of people, that same fact will begin to change and slowly become something very far from the truth, hence turning it into a rumour, which then becomes idle gossip. In an attempt to understand the process of gossip better I took it upon myself to carry out a case study, which involved an initial group of people who knew each other and another group who knew at least one person from the initial group. The setting was a typical working environment where different individuals socialised and communicated on different topics. The ages of these individuals all varied from late teens to early twenties, this allowed me to look at how levels of maturity also coincided with the idea of ever changing gossip. Over the space of four days I kept notes and record of how the rumour was spreading and just how far it went till it become oblivious of the truth the results were very interesting, as my analysis will show. ...read more.


However by observation the female friend in this scenario seems to be slightly over dramatising the facts stated by the new employee, and has thought out her own ideas, giving no thought to the consequences of what she has said. This shows a slight immaturity on her part as she feels the need to persecute her friend and make fun of the situation that her friend is in. The rumour has now developed further where it is now clear to those involved that both the group A girlfriend and the new employee are more than just friends. Day Three Today the best friend will tell his friend what was heard by his unknown source and what they should do to stop it getting any more serious. As the friend and unknown source are waiting for his best friend they start to talk about it. What was said were along the lines of: 'I can't believe he tried it on with her, she's taken'- best friend (group B) ' I know some people think they can have whoever they want even when their with someone, she must have given him a sign or something' -unknown source (group B) 'She must have or else he wouldn't have said he liked her too'- best friend. 'Her mate trustworthy friend's name looked like she was keen for new employee's name too' As they talk another employee walks by, he is good friends with the new employee and is in group B. ...read more.


well established primates of the animal kingdom, we as humans can be regarded as being the way we are through gossip as well as our overall social structure, in terms of the media, whose field revolves around ever changing gossip, in order to enlighten us about the world in which we live. Overall the concept of gossip is also another way of receiving and sending information in a more creative form, rather than formal communication. In a sense tabloids work in the same way, but use gossip as a way of entertaining their readers and filling their heads with useless information, which they believe will continue to outside communication. For instance if an article in the Mirror was to state that the Queen was having an affair with one of her staffs it, just because she hugged one of them, then the story has a sensationalised element to it being it's the queen, and would be discussed even outside of working hours. Once we can connect a face to the information, then it makes the conversation more interesting, just like gossip. The same goes for media and advertising. The reason we are shown products, which we do not need, but in some way feel we do is due to the fact that are brains from a young age are prone to take in and be moulded into thinking that if its from a reliable source it must be correct and believable, that is why its better to be open minded and choose the information, rationally. ...read more.

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