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Gunner Pass - Case study.

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Gunner Pass 2 Main activities of Gunner Pass 2 Main features of ownership 2 Main aims and objectives 2 Why is it important for Gunner Pass to set aims and objectives 3 Show how successful Gunner Pass is in meeting theses aims and objectives 3 Explain why the type of ownership is suited to Gunner Pass 3 Cummins UK 4 Main activities of Cummins 4 Main features of ownership 4 Main aims and objectives 5 Cummins Mission Statement 5 Cummins Environmental Mission 5 Why is it important for Cummins to set aims and objectives 5 Show how successful Cummins is in meeting these aims and objectives 6 Explain why the type of ownership is suited to Cummins 6 Gunner Pass Main activities of Gunner Pass The business being researched is Gunner Pass. It was set up and is run by Adrian Spires. The business is aimed at young and old people to gain a driving licence. The business also offers refresher courses for people who have come back to driving and may need a refresher. Motorway tuition is also available for customers wishing to gain experience on motorways. The name "Gunner Pass" comes from Adrian being an Arsenal supporter. All businesses fall under three categories; these are the primary sector, secondary sector and the tertiary sector. ...read more.


The ownership suits Adrian, as he wanted the luxury of keeping all his profit. Keeping and spending his profit was the main reason for starting his business. He also enjoys what he does in his job, as he enjoys training his customers to drive. Adrian has a family to support, so making as much profit was important, but also risky as he doesn't have any experience. In the future if Gunner Pass is still running well and is successful, Adrian may think to expand and become a plc (public limited company). Becoming a plc will mean much more paper work. Adrian will have to be working more hours in order to maintain the business. Becoming a plc is a big step for any business. Adrian will need to obtain a Memorandum of Association. This shows the company name, the address where the business is controlled and the type of activity the business runs. Either (primary, secondary, tertiary). If he becomes a plc he will have to hold a regular Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM is a meeting where all people involved in the business come together and discuss the business. The Directors tell the shareholders what their aims are for the next year. The shareholders will either agree or disagree. If the shareholders feel you are doing a bad job then they can sack you. ...read more.


Show how successful Cummins is in meeting these aims and objectives Cummins needs to see if its aims and objectives are being met or not. Cummins can check this through profit or sales. If sales are on the increase then Cummins' target of maximising sales has been achieved. But if Cummins fails that aim then they may be forced to release people from their jobs.1 Cummins is planning to shed 95 jobs at its heavy vehicle diesel engines factory in Darlington. This shows that Cummins has gone wrong in the past and has needed to release its employees. If Cummins has succeeded their aim they may expand and open more branches.2 Cummins Engine of the US is planning a �17m factory near Ramsgate in Kent to make power-generating sets, providing 300 jobs. This shows that Cummins is looking towards its future as it is providing new jobs for a local community. Opening a new factory will also provide more profit for Cummins. All these things will help to expand the Cummins brand worldwide. Explain why the type of ownership is suited to Cummins Cummins is a worldwide business with a good reputation. The ownership of Cummins is very important in order to keep the business running. As Cummins is a Ltd, its ownership must be high on its agenda. As the ownership can determine how successful a business is. 1 Taken from www.ukbusinesspark.co.uk/cumminsa.htm 2 Taken from www.ukbusinesspark.co.uk/cumminsa.htm David Holmes 1 ...read more.

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