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Hacking In the Business Society.

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Hacking In the Business Society From history we can observer that "human society" is easily influenced, and often mislead. There is a near endless amount of examples for this, ranging from the Suicidal Sect leaders (David Koresh http://www.rickross.com/reference/waco/waco321.html ), to mad dictators, with aspirations of taking over the world. This human susceptibility of being easily mislead, is clearly apparent when dealing with the issue of "Hacking", and "Hacking In the Business Society". The movie industry has played a great role in misinforming society of who a hacker is, and what they can do. ("How Hollywood portrays hackers" Andrew Brandet http://edition.cnn.com/2001/TECH/internet/04/05/hacking.hollywood.idg/ ) For this reason it is essential to define key concepts and terminology before one can discus this issue. "Hacking", unfortunately, has become a word, with many various meanings. For the sake of discussion, hacking will be defined, here, as: "Breaking into a system", where "system" is defined to be a computer, server, database, software, or any other source of computerized information. Another term that is not evident is "Business Society". The business society comprises of: i. Organizations (Firms, Companies, etc) ii. Employees iii. Consumers iv. The Government v. Hackers This may seem a strange way to describe the "Business Society", but it is vital to realize that they all play a very significant role in Business, and hence all should be included when discussing this matter. ...read more.


According to Joel Smith, a business writer from 'USA Today, The Detroit News' (http://www.usatoday.com/tech/columnist/ccjoe026.htm) , Software Piracy costs businesses in the United States of America (USA) alone, $3.2 billion. When looking at this figure one must not only concern themselves with the loss to the company, for the Organization is but one part of the "Business Society". This loss of $3.2 billon also effects the Employees'. According to the same report, this enormous loss cost 109,000 jobs in the USA alone. This amounts to $4.5 billion in lost wages and $1 billion lost in tax revenue" Using the following two examples we can see how hackers have not only damaged Organizations, and Employee's but also Consumers. A very illustrious game creator company, Valve, intended on bringing out the much anticipated "Half-Life 2". A hacker however, managed to hack and retrieve the source code for the game, and posted it on the forum as a trophy. This not only cost the Organization money, but postponed the release by a year. This happened only a few months ago, and emphasizing the relevance of the problem today. (http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/halflife2/news_6076314.html Sam Parker Game Spot) Credit Card companies have also suffered a great blow, as fraud is on the rise. When it comes to Credit Cards, it is not only the responsibility of the Credit card companies to be vigilant, but also of sites that use e-commerce. ...read more.


The Bad are the malicious hackers who are there to do some damage, whether it be passive damage (stealing information without removing or changing anything) or physical damage (destroying a system, or erasing files). And finally the Ugly, also known as "script kiddies". These are amateurs that get there hands on pre written code which they use to attempt to do damage in a fashion they don't understand. Afentis, a IT security Consultant company who's employs are the first of the three. They say, "The importance of security is rising - protecting information and computer assets has become a prime concern. Entrust Afentis to become your security partner and validate the integrity of your organization's network." (http://www.afentis.com/services/index.html Afentis) Protecting ones "system", has become a full time job and if the problem of hacking is to be reduced it must be treated like a full time job. For a business to ensure security it must implement measure to protect against both internal and external attacks. These measures may seem drastic to many privacy groups, however the sacrifice may be far less than the one paid at compromised data. Data is not only games, or source code, it could be as seen above credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers. All this must be taken into consideration. Ideally a system would be devised where internal systems could be monitored without intrusion of privacy, but until then the sacrifice is less than the potential danger. ...read more.

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