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HBR Case Study_"How low will you go?"

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CANDIDATE NUMBERS: 0702361 0704042 0704964 Year: 2 Course Code MN2061 Course Tutor: Dr Derrick Chong Assignment No.: 2 Degree Title: Management with Marketing Question No. & Title: 2,500 words on HBR Case Study_"How low will you go?" Introduction: Before the industrial revolution, the majority of the firms had a single individual supervised process for the business, including both selling and manufacturing, and sales department was not as developed as it is today but just set up by several sale people. At that time, Managers pay most attention on their manufacturing problems rather than develop the marketing area of the industry. As the time move on, nevertheless, because of increasing economy intense competition and large-scale manufacturing enterprises, lots of separate functional departments like human resource department, financial department, marketing department and technical department were established, especially sales department had gone upper into very significant place in organization. Meanwhile, it seems that personal selling is indispensable in sales management. Personnel selling, involved in promotion activity, act as an oral communication with potential and current clients. In addition, it regards as the most direct way for firm's representative to know more about customers' needs and solving their problems. However, is there an ethical problem while salesman making a sale? If it is exist in modern personal selling business, what would happen and how serous is it? This essay will lead you a conception of what effect it would have in the organization and how it suggested to be solved by examining the Harvard business review case 'How low will you go (April, 2006)' What is the problem with the company? How serious is it? ...read more.


Experts' opinion After reading four of experts' opinion, their views can be separate into two. Katherine Frank's view and advice seems different from three of others which she thinks Galen was doing a good job whereas the other three are thinking of firing him. John Brown, who is the director of institutional sales and customer relation at Fortis Investments in Boston, has mainly two points: The boss should outline the clear value and principle of business outgoing and how the value system of the organization integrates with employee and clients. He does agree with build business relationship and trust step by step by using acceptable tactic. There are many other ways can be used in business rather than do something unethical. And be aware the feeling of client for every process during the business, a special gift or sweet regards on the holiday helps the business gaining high marks. Also pay attention of what is the client's religious beliefs or any special need and what may be downright offended of them. Denise Rousseau is a professor in both Carnegie Mellon's Heinz School and Tepper School of business in Pittsburgh. Both John Brown and Denise think that value system is very important and considerable factor in business. She advises the Bob to stop Galen's job then find some new sale man who can follow the 'rule'. She has also mentioned the aspect of female employee's benefit. A good company should create a fair and positive environment for employee to work and do not feel any discrimination in the working. Other wise, sex discrimination can cause a risk of reputation of the company. ...read more.


It informs the positive and negative feedbacks for company and helps how the company should do better. Moreover, all of potential customers should be discussed among the seller group. Decision of which method and approach that suit relative clients has to be made. To choose who has specialist for satisfying clients' needs. "Different tactics work for different customers, and for different salespeople." (Case, page36) Professional communication among the personnel seller is essential key to successful marketing management. The communication should be concerned with salesmanship. Salesmanship is one of the best behaviors of personnel selling: "it is the art of successfully persuading prospects or customers to buy products or services from which they can derive suitable benefits, thereby increasing their total satisfactions." (Still, 1988), Thus, the salesman who has got strong selling ability get reasonably high wage within the organization however salesmanship's precondition is it should be virtuous. Finally, continuous education and retraining is also essential to achieve improved job performance. Through manager's evaluation, Personal sellers will know which parts of their jobs need to be retrained. The training content identifies the product data, sales technique, industry's market, company information and improvement. Conclusion: Personnel seller acts as the media role between firms and customers. Radically as Das said, all the customers want to buy value, not just products. (Narayandas, 2006) Bob can not ignore the significance of innovating new production, new technologies and more effective services. Improvement idea could trace back to personnel sellers' feedback when they are having face-to-face communication with clients. Besides, information also can be gathered from their competitors. Timely and effective improvement in OptiMotors manufacturing capability influences the increasing benefits. In a word.Wide promotion of OptiMotors Industry makes world-class products for world class customers. ...read more.

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