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How and why these techniques might have been chosen and give recommendations for improvements

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How and why these techniques might have been chosen and give recommendations for improvements: Geographical Segmentation: - Nokia have chosen reading high street to locate their store in there. The dominant purpose of choosing Reading high street is that Reading is heart of Berkshire. It is very busy during weekends and holidays. Reading is the main town of Berkshire and 1000s of people goes there for work, business and education etc. In the weekends, people come out with friends in the high street. This kind of place is beneficial for Nokia because it attracts people's attention and also the place holds some reputation for something. An example would include "London", its expensive city because posh and famous people shop there. Different kind of people with different culture and religion lives in reading. Some people are under average, some are average and some are above average. Nokia have to sell its products, no matter who ever buys it but the main target are average and above average people. Some people visits high street to cheek prices about the products. Nokia will always select a location where a junk of people goes every week, and that's why Nokia have choose Reading high street to attract those people who are interested in Nokia products. ...read more.


SWOT analyse is playing a huge role in running a successful business. Nokia strengths are Nokia brand image and it could be further improved by having a high market share in the phone market. Nokia weakness could be that same phones are being manufactured by the competitors which have the same functions. Nokia can improve this by developing different phones from all other competitors. Nokia have good opportunities because they have brand, name and image. Nokia is still ahead of every competitor but if they offer more better service such as touching system or keypad phones, they will beat its every competitor. Thread to Nokia could be that Apple has launched a smart iPhone while blackberry is continuously manufacturing PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) phones which allow the users to use WAP. These kinds of threats might lead down Nokia. Recommendation for improving the demographical segmentation would be that Nokia should choose different age group because some posh people who can afford the phone but due to Nokia are not targeting at them will not buy the phone. Nokia should carry out some more research about boys and girls. What are their likes and dislikes in a phone. Some people might get bored because of same applications in new phones and thus they leave it. ...read more.


These kinds of applications have made Nokia more successful. MP3 player offer a good service in the phone, and the customers can listen to music for up to 8 hours. Nokia stand-by time is 48 hours and talk time is 10 hours. This signifies that Nokia N96 has a good battery life as well. Nokia fans would expect the above benefits from the new phone and would prefer to buy it. Advantages Disadvantages Nokia N96 has an advantage of 3D Satellite Navigation which every one finds it so useful. Nokia N96 is offering 5 mega pixel of camera while iPhone one is only 2.0 mega pixel. Limited access to the internet. Other sites cost per kbps while iPhone let the users to have full internet access to its users. Recommendations for improvements: - Recommendations for improving in benefits would be that Nokia should full fill every need of their customers. Nokia N96 also offer good benefits, besides it got BBC iPlayer but some disadvantages it has been gone down. Nokia should install some new applications such as photo editing or other music player etc. People like new applications and due to that they buy that phone which offers the specific applications and needs. The purpose of recommendations is that Nokia would be No.1 market brand in the mobile communication market. ?? ?? ?? ?? M3&D2 Jawad Ali (12SDE) ??? ???? ...read more.

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