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How are computers used in Health and Science?

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How are computers used in Health and Science? Computers are vital in the study, practice, research and development of health and science. ICT can be used to collect and more importantly convert data into information. Spreadsheet packages can be used to answer calculations and provide information in the form of graphs, tables and charts (pie charts). Computers can be used to shorten the time of a particular task; this can be done because the computer is more faster and can process more information than a normal team of humans in the same period of time. A good example is that scientists have analysed every gene in the human body using a specially developed computer system in the short period of three years rather than the predicted period of hundreds of years by hand. One of the most useful and fast developing uses of ICT (Information Communication Technology) is the portrayal of extinct creatures to understand how they evolved and lived daily. ...read more.


That was done with a "texture map" - a model of the skin which is mapped onto the creature by the computer. There's one map for the torso and separate ones for the limbs and these have to be joined seamlessly which was quite difficult for the computer. The director superimposed the dinosaur images on top of the filmed backgrounds so the dinosaurs would appear to be jumping around! The computer tracked the marks on the film and then adjusted the dinosaur's positions accordingly on each frame. After that they removed the tracking marks from the picture, again via the computer. The programme producers are supplied with a range of angles and features of the same shots. They do a monochrome version with all the detail, highlight versions to grade the dinosaur to show background on the dinosaur. There are matte versions and colour versions. The programme editors decide what to use to portray the right image. ...read more.


It monitors more than a million times per second. * The reason the computer is used in hospitals and surgeries is that they are more precise and accurate. * Computers can help the development and improvement of everyday health and more importantly are vital in major scientific breakthroughs. Disadvantages The reason computers can be a disadvantage- * The computer cannot show weight or individual human features that are unique to the person. * The computer cannot act on instincts and cannot be like a doctor therefore no personal touch is there. * The computer can only abide by its rules it has been instructed. Unlike a person it does not now how to act or react in a crisis. Health and science is being used everyday and more importantly new software programmes are being made that allow advancement that had never seen possible. Health data, advice and information can be transferred to third world countries to save lives. This communication is improving everyday and is invaluable to poor countries. Now in every developed country around the world is using computers to help create a cure for cancer that would save so many lives. ...read more.

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