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How could Asda meet all of its customer needs?

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How could Asda meet all of its customer needs? The company I have chosen to research is 'Asda'. The self-proclaimed best value food and clothing store became a part of the American firm 'Wal Mart' on July 26 1999. 'Asda' was formed in 1965. Asda is a retail company that offers a wide range of products from magazines and other paperbacks to electrical goods and miscellaneous products. Their main selling point is the sale of food. Each week Asda Queslett makes around �140,000 from food sales alone. Asda invests around �170million a year on service to the public. By doing this they intend to improve customer facilities and services so consumers use Asda the company, not just as store but also as diversified multiplex. Already they have connections with life insurance, pet insurance, breakdown cover and sponsorship of such big events as the commonwealth games. As a store * Expanding and making Improvements to existing stores to make the day-to-day shop easier for customers * Environmentally friendly equipment, devices and transport for goods * Community work such as fund raisers and charity events * Co-operation with local schools to launch schemes to encourage children to read and interact on the internet Along the lines of expanding, Asda plan to open over 30 new stores by 2006. ...read more.


The results from the questionnaire on the whole were very good. Asda do cater for almost all needs. The main queries were the toilet cleanliness, the speed of service at the checkout and the manner of staff. Out of the 90 questionnaires filled in by the public, 12 of them said that the toilets needed some attention. One of them said; "On entering the female toilets once I was overwhelmed by a hideous smell. As I went further I cud see vomit all over a wall and human excrement spraying the cistern of one the toilets." I have never witnessed such sights and I am sure that was a one-off but it is still an appalling situation to find a public toilet in. In general the toilet facilities need to be regularly checked and cleaned. 22 of the questionnaires said that the time spent at the till was too long. The queues are too long. A lot of the time you see several empty tills which if used could decrease the waiting time. Also there are a lot of new trainee employees that have recently started the job. They can be quite slow. If they only let them work the till when they have had a bit more experience, then that might solve the problem. ...read more.


If they're going make claims of unbeatable prices they need to make them stand up.? Throughout their stores, Asda have credit facilities. Externally, cash points are positioned near the entrance for quick easy access. Internally, a bank with banking facilities is provided. This is ideal because there aren't any banking facilities within a kilometre radius so people can use these without having to travel far. At the customer desk, as well as the refund service, a range of services and schemes are offered. One of these is 'shopping chums'. This where a member will assist around the store, push your trolley and reach high shelves if needed. The point of this is to make your shopping trip less stressful. Feedback- On the information desk, are both questionnaires on Asda and feedback sheets. The main aims of these are to get the publics opinion on Asda. The questionnaires are to see where customers rate Asda on the supermarket chain chart. It asks questions like 'what are the staff like?', 'do you like our range and choice of food?', 'is everything easy to find?, 'are our prices reasonable?'. The feedback sheets ask for the customer's suggestions on improvements to the store to make it complete. It was because of the feedback that Asda introduced a wide selection of trolleys. It just goes to show our opinion does count. ? Dale Anderson Business Assignment ? ? Dale Anderson BS Assignment ? ? Dale Anderson Business Assignment ...read more.

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