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"How do I now that what I Know is true?" Consider this statement in terms of what you think constitute the Theory of Knowledge.

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"How do I now that what I Know is true?" Consider this statement in terms of what you think constitute the Theory of Knowledge. It could be said that there is an endless number of arguments about this some that say that there is away of universal knowledge and some say that we will never know. We can be our perception of what knowledge can change depending on many different factors that will be mention and many people throughout history had try to define knowledge but they did not consider certain factors that affect the way that we receive the information. To start we have to try to define what is knowledge, It can be say that knowledge is to be certain of the truth or accuracy of something, to understand or perceive facts. Knowledge can be gained by experience, authority can give knowledge and it can be obtained by our senses. ...read more.


The sense of hearing is a sense that is harder to trick than the sight but it has some limitations of it own, for example we cannot ear ultrasonic waves. The brain is the one that converts all the information the nerve impulses that the senses produce in to a some thing that we can understand. The information that some times we get can be change for many reasons like I mentioned before. So if our brain interpretetas the information wrong our knowledge of perception is wrong. That points that the knowledge by perception can be very wrong and we cannot only relay on our knowledge by perception. Our perception of the things is one of the ways in that our brain miss understand the information given by our senses. Fro example if we like too much a person and some one says that he has done terrible things we would filtrate the information given by our hearing and ear nothing about it. ...read more.


The scientific method is base in that if A, B, C and D have the give the same results for the experiment F will be the same. But if we do not know G and H because they are only found in another planet we cannot know if our conclusion is true. Like Einstein said "My theory can be prove to be right by many experiments but only one can disproved". The knowledge by authority can also be wrong because the teachers or parents can teach thins that they think that are right but the may be wrong and they cannot see it because their knowledge of the world is only partially and they are limited to what they know. The knowledge by authority has also many defects and can be wrong. So in conclusion there is no way to know what is really true but you can try to look at the knowledge that you get from many different angles and question all the things instead of accepting them. Theory of Knowledge Essay Mariano Bacigalupi 21/11/02 187 words ...read more.

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