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How is McDonald's using segmentation to attract new customers? As VP of Marketing, what would you do differently?

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Marketing 300 Sharry Huang( Ying Huang) Wednesday 4:00pm---6:40pm McDonald Case Study 1. How is McDonald's using segmentation to attract new customers? As VP of Marketing, what would you do differently? To attract new customers, McDonald begins to offer more kinds of food to people. Customers who need to buy different kinds of breakfast for different people don't need to go to different stores to get their food anymore. What they need to do is just go to a McDonald and then get what they want at once. By noticing that customers may desire to taste different kinds of food, McDonald not only serves the food they are expert in, but also creates more items to people. In this way, customers will not be bored with their dishes. ...read more.


I might build a store around schools or offer delivery service to schools. Considering that fast food might be not a good option for children because it doesn't contain all kinds of nutrients children need to grow up, I probably would like to create healthy meals according to the existing menue for those target customers. And the students can eat what they like during their school time. 2. Discuss McDonald's target marketing strategy to build more business with its existing customers. What additional segments would you recommend to target? As we know, existing customers of McDonald are widely from younths to olds. What has McDonald done is to divide their customers into different groups and analyze their specific aquirements and try to meet their needs. ...read more.


This provides McDonald an opportunity to build different stores with different decoration styles. For instance, to attractive young children, the stores should be painted in fairy tales style. While for staffs who work in business buildings, they may prefer a quite and relax enviroment. Thus, according to different customers McDonal can create some theme stores that are special for some customers. A good way to do the research is to make some questionnaires and let people fill in. Furthermore, McDonald can take the advantage of internet to collect the ideas among internet users. It is the fact that people usually don't like filling questionnaires. To get information as soon as possible, McDonald should pay some money. The company can designe some coupons and if people fill the questionnaires, they can get the coupons in person, or print them out if they do online. ...read more.

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