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How is multimedia used for communication?

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Multimedia report 1) What is the purpose of your presentation? My presentations clear aim is to entertain and inform information regarding Manchester united football club. The main purpose is to promote and educate regarding various topics which people may not now, I will include information regarding fan base information regarding success and information regarding the quality of the ream of Manchester united. I have chosen this topic as I believe for young and teen children will provide a balanced and non-biased opinion regarding the most successful football club in the world. I intend to include information regarding wealth, success rate and the base of the club which is their stadium, the slide show will provide anyone who sees it the relevant information they may wish to find out e.g. how many people can fit in their football stadium, how much annual revenue the club achieves. ...read more.


The slide show is suitable for both male and females who have an interest in football. I have chosen to this target audience as the information is simple and factual and therefore meets the my target criteria, however the slide show will appeal particularly to those who have a passion for football. 4) Audience Interest The audience should be attracted to this slide show for various factors. Firstly I have used various interesting presentation techniques which will appeal to many people this is achieved by using word art to make the headings look appealing and by using pictures which not only makes the picture look better it makes the presentation more comparable. I believe my presentation holds a unique distinction about itself this is created by adding my own personal favourite colours and background this gives it a visible uniqueness. Instead of going the internet and taking along time to find your relevant query or information inquiry which could be biased my information is purely non-fictional providing an unbiased piece of information. ...read more.


In an oral presentation you can improvise on the spot to a mistake which cannot be done on a multimedia presentation. Also problems which can occur with an oral presentation are mistakes and not presenting the information clearly, also the amount of information could not possibly be matched. The strengths of an oral presentation include getting your view across manually which is more persuasive than reading. The main down points of an oral presentation is that it can get boring and therefore lose interest of all required audiences. In a multimedia presentation there are several factors which are good and bad. In general a multimedia presentation can include fonts which help the appearance of the presentation seem good this visual effect can not be achieved through an oral presentation. In a multimedia presentation you can expand on ideas without boring the audience. In a multimedia presentation colour schemes can be added relevant to the appropriate heading. The main focus of carrying out a presentation using multimedia is to make sure you keep 100% attention of the audience. Najir Hussain 10t ...read more.

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