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How lements of the marketing mix and integrated ogether

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How the elements of the marketing mix are integrated and how they relate to each other Elements of the marketing mix link together, such as product and promotion. These two relate to each other as they both consider the packaging and branding of the product. Promotion considers the packaging of the product as they design a nice packagaing to make it look appealing so it will sell better as it will stand out and get noticed by the customer. From the product being branded its promoting it as its showing customers that its recognised and will be good quality because it is well known for being 'good' and this will make the product appealing and it will sell easier by itself. No Sweat integrate these two together as they will promote their product by the way they merchandise. They will not use packaging to promote their products but they will arrange their goods nicely so it looks appealing e.g. they will always make their window displays look nice, they will make sure that all the goods from one brand are together, they will think carefully of where they put the stock and what fixtures to use, and lastly they will consider the colours so it will make the store as a whole look good. ...read more.


hospice chairty if they know they can get the price they want in another shop for example if a jumper cant sell in the south molton charity shop for the price they want they will send it on to barnstaple or torrington where they can, as this will maximise revenue because if they left it in that charity shop they would have to reduce the price. Place and product also integrate together because what the product is and size effects how the distibution chain and how it is stored. The product will also effect the location of the business because if theres no market demand for their product in that town then theres no point having a shop located there. No Sweat links these two together as there distribution chain is; Wholesaler>>retailer>>customer because they don't sell all their products all year round they won't buy a big load from a manufacturer instead they will just buy a size run of one good or maybe a double size run if they know it sells well. They also do this as their products come from more than one company and they wont have the storage if they had a mass of goods coming in, within the same month as they only have a small Goods Inwards room. ...read more.


different walking areas and climbing areas close to barnstaple such as bude, and theres the tarka trail which is suitable for cyclists/runners. However there are no mountains! and a skier or snowboarder is one of their many customers but this doesn't really have any effect as they will go travelling. They are promoting well to their target customers as they are promoting their business to the schools they visit who are going on the ski trips and provide discount and support to groups such as the militray, ten tors and duke of edinburgh etc. so they are promoting themselves as a helpful and friendly business. North Devon Hospice North devon hospice don't have a typical customer who come into the shop, as they cater for everybody and cant choose the products they get in. However from having a themed window once a week they would attract the kind of people the theme would apply to. As this week it's a mother and baby theme they would get more mothers come in and buy the childcare products than usual, and then when it's a sports theme more sports people may come in than usual and buy those products. There isn't a set age range who come into the charity shop, however less people come in between the age of 10 and 20 as they could be too embarrased or just want the latest fashion clothing. ...read more.

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