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How standard documents are presented. I have chosen six standard documents to analyze. Three of them are invoices and the other three are statement. All the documents are from different organizations.

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Presenting Information AVCE ICT UNIT 1 Introduction: My project is based on how standard documents are presented. I have chosen six standard documents to analyze. Three of them are invoices and the other three are statement. All the documents are from different organizations. During the product I will describe, compare and evaluate the documents. I have chosen these two types of documents because; firstly they are easy to access. As at home we have a wide selection of these two types of documents. And secondly because they seemed relevant to use, as the documents had a sufficient amount of information to analyze, also these documents are from well-known companies, which makes it easier for me to describe and compare with the company. The documents are all from different companies the following shows which ones: Document Company Company Description Invoice 1 CPC is an industrial supplier of computer and accessories. They stock hundreds of items from TVs to Printer. CPC's main customers come from businesses. Ordering products are done over the phone or on the internet. Invoice 2 Insight is a computer and computer parts provider. They provide the latest in computer technology. The company provides IT technology for the business world. Invoice 3 Vodaphone is a communoication network. They prodive mobile phone ;ines and phones. The company runs all around the world. They also can provide wireless computer interent service and accesories for mobile phones. Statement 1 NTL is an entertaining service; they provide digital TV, internet and phone services. They also have high-speed broadband available. Statement 2 HSS is a hire shop. Which provides industral equtiment for buliders. They have powerful heavy-duty machines avaliable for day, week and month hire. Statement3 BHS is a clothing store. They provide clothes for men, women and children of all ages. In their stores they also have a restaurant service. During Christmas the company provides gifts in store for sale. ...read more.


Texture of Paper A standard A4 plain paper is used which is coloured in a light blue, with a matt finish. Lists Used in the section on the front of the sheet showing the purchases, listed neatly one after another. The list is typed in a capital font for each description of each product. Bullets None used on the front or back of the sheet. Lists of information have been done but each new point is done by a new line. Tables Used with the product hired, with no side borders but a dotted line border on for the top headings to separate it from the main text of products hired. A kind of table is used on the back with 2 columns and no rows, except the one large one, which again has no borders. Graphics Two types used on the complete document. The HSS logo on the front with blue large letters. The HSS logo again on the back in a light grey, with inverted colours from the front one. (Exterior is coloured not the font). One other graphic is used which is the BSI registered logo in the bottom footer, in the right hand corner. The logo is coloured using the same blue and light blue in the paper. Content The document is made up of three sections in the front as I mentioned before. Each section is split up using a dotted line, and each section shows new types of information so it is easy to find. The header has the company logo and the footer has the company contact information, with a BSI logo. On the back there is a large invisible table which shows the conditions of the company, laid out in two columns. Also the company logo is shown again but this time it is inverted in colour. Writing Style The use of words is in an informal style on the front and a formal style on the back. ...read more.


* Golden yellow title, is to light to bee seen clearly. How can the document be improved: To improve the document it could be spread out a bit more on the front page. Also to change the colour of the top front title so it's seen more, if not then changing the colour of the paper would make the title stand out. How suitable is the document for its purpose: The document is very suitable for its purpose as it covers all the information which you need to know. The document has full colour on the front so it is pleasant to look at and on the back it clearly shows each point under heading and near a pictogram so you don't need to read it to understand what it means. Summary: Overall I think that all the six documents are clear and designed well for there purposes. The use of colour, text and font is perfect, as these document must have been created by professionals, who must have had years of experience to know what the public like to see in a standard document. Also these documents must have gone through weeks of testing and research to be where they are. As each of the six documents are all different, they must have all been designed from scratch. From the comparisons I did I can conclude that the both types of documents are similar. As they seem different and have different layouts and contents, overall the foundation they have come from is exactly the same. The few bad points which I pointed out in the evaluations are not as major as I thought. Those few faults must have a reason behind them and a reason for why they have been printed and taken out to the public. In this project I could have look at a few more topics under the descriptions and may be have redesigned the entire set of documents to meet my standards which I found out during this project. This could have been possible if I had more time. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sham Bakrania 04/05/2007 2 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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