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How the production process is planned and monitored, and what this means for productivity and efficiency.

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E3 How the production process is planned and monitored, and what this means for productivity and efficiency Cadburys plan the production process by time series, when the chocolate is produced it is monitored accurately to ensure that nothing is wrong with it and it tastes as it should and that it does not have any side effects on customers such as feeling sick after eating the chocolate. How the production process is monitored: This is all to do with the quality assurance system that Cadbury uses to ensure that the chocolate that they are producing is of a high quality. The quality assurance system that Cadbury use is total quality management (TQM). ...read more.


It is vital that the supervisors do their job properly and efficiently so that the chocolate that Cadbury product will not have any faults and be to the highest possible standard that customer's expect. Productivity and efficiency The productivity and efficiency of the production process depends on the amount of inputs and outputs, for example: 1) if Cadbury had 1,000 workers working for them and the amount of chocolate bars produced (output) totalled up to 1,000, then the output per person would be 1. This is not acceptable because the output per person rate could be higher due to there being 1,000 people working and only producing 1 chocolate bar each. ...read more.


This enables Cadbury to be successful as a business and profits are also made for Cadbury. Overall having fewer inputs than outputs makes Cadbury successful, however the reason that Cadbury have fewer inputs is due to the staff working for Cadbury being experienced, work to their full potential, the staff's wages and the new technology that Cadbury have to make chocolate. Those factors would encourage the staff to produce more goods for Cadbury so that the number of products produced is higher than the number of inputs. The other two examples are not efficient for Cadburys or any business because not everybody in the business would be working to their fullest potential and therefore not producing enough goods to ensure that the business stays up and running making profits. ...read more.

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